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Coworking office space dubai

If you’re looking for a coworking office space Dubai, there are a lot of options. Here’s a look at a few of them: Letswork, Executive Centre, Nasab, and Unbox. These places are ideal for collaboration and networking. Business Bay is another popular location.


The Letswork coworking space network is an online marketplace that connects members to flexible work spaces, meeting rooms, and private offices. With more than 100 partner spaces across the UAE, Letswork allows users to choose from various membership packages and access a variety of amenities. Members get access to free coffee and 20 percent off food and beverage prices.

In addition to hot desks, Letswork coworking spaces have meeting rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, printers, and kitchen. They also have a membership-only program that allows businesses to take advantage of the flexibility and resources the space has to offer. In addition, the space hosts events, including networking events and community activities.

Located throughout Dubai, Letswork has a variety of locations. Their membership options are flexible, with weekly and monthly rates available. Letswork also offers coffee and 20% off food at participating venues. Whether you need to meet a client or need a creative space to work on a project, the Letswork coworking space in Dubai will give you the space you need at a price you can afford.

Coworking spaces are an excellent option for start-ups and freelancers in Dubai. The flexibility of a shared workspace makes coworking convenient for busy professionals. With no long-term commitment, coworking spaces are a great option for both start-ups and freelancers. The UAE has been slow to adopt the concept of coworking, but has slowly begun to realize its value.

Executive Centre

The Executive Centre is a premier coworking space in Dubai that offers premium office space, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and event spaces to meet the needs of companies of all sizes. They have more than 150 locations across the world, giving businesses the freedom to operate anywhere without any upfront costs or fixed term commitments.

The Executive Centre is located in the heart of the city and features a 6,000 square-foot business lounge. There are ample coworking spaces and luxurious lounge areas in the lounge. In addition, the space can be converted into a multipurpose event space. For corporate events, the Executive Centre offers both luxurious lounge areas and spacious conference rooms.

The Executive Centre features industry-leading technology and global networking opportunities. It includes 24-hour access to offices, high-speed WiFi, printing services, and first-class meeting rooms. There are also video conferencing facilities available. All members enjoy one-point-of-contact support, so they can easily reach the service providers.

Coworking spaces are great places to start a business in Dubai. They allow entrepreneurs to network with each other and share ideas, and they also host community activities and networking events. Many of these spaces are located in prime locations throughout the city and provide access to target audiences. Furthermore, they help entrepreneurs explore the business landscape in the city and provide information on the benefits of moving their operations to Dubai.

Business competition in Dubai is fierce. For enterprises, having an excellent office space is an essential competitive advantage. A comfortable and well-equipped space motivates staff, pleases customers, and contributes to an impeccable brand reputation. To maximize the impact of your office space, you must select the category that is right for your needs.


Nasab Coworking Space Dubai is more than just a place to work. It is a place where game-changers and thought leaders connect and grow as a community. It is a place where work and leisure are seamlessly interwoven. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or a professional, you can find the creative community you need to reach your goals.

This coworking space is the first of its kind in Dubai. It is a member-based social club and workspace hosted by the KOA group. Members are able to choose from various membership packages. Their membership plans include access to a fitness room, two swimming pools, a library, and three food outlets. Nasab also offers bespoke meeting rooms and has three floors of workspace.

Located at the Noor Bank metro station, the Nasab workspace is a unique space that combines leisure and work. Its amenities and atmosphere are designed to attract different kinds of professionals, and you can be sure you’ll find a community of like-minded people. The coworking space has a variety of amenities, including a rooftop lap pool, a gym, and tennis courts. The Nasab lounge also has social areas and a cafe.

Nasab is a coworking space in Dubai that offers many different types of membership options for individuals and teams. In addition to private offices, it also has shared workspaces with pantry services. The space is pet-friendly and provides members with the necessary support. Members of the coworking space can join for a day or a month, and non-members can book a meeting room and tour the workspace during office hours.

The Nasab Coworking Space Dubai is the first of its kind in the country. It has many different features, such as private office spaces, a zen garden, a fitness center, and free coffee. It is a luxurious coworking space and membership packages begin at AED 1,500 per month.


UNBOX is a coworking space and community that fosters collaboration and innovation between startup entrepreneurs and established industry leaders. This unique space is supported by multiple layers of networks and services to help entrepreneurs grow their business. There is no one-size-fits-all model at UNBOX.

The space is located in the heart of the business district of Dubai. It caters to a range of businesses, from digital nomads to high-growth startups and corporates. Members enjoy discounted parking and 4 hours of free meeting room use. Parking is available for AED 0.25 per page in black and white or AED 0.50 for color. The building is easily accessible by bus and is conveniently located in the heart of Business Bay.

The spacious and comfortable environment at UNBOX sets it apart from other coworking spaces in the city. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and everyone is welcome. You can rent a hot desk or a dedicated desk for just 57 AED per day, while a private office is 8500 AED per month.

The Regus – Boulevard Plaza Tower 1 location offers an inspiring sight of the business community at its coworking space. The Regus-branded coworking space at this landmark building is spacious and flooded with natural light to encourage productivity. There is also a creative nursery located near the coworking space that works as a nursery for working mothers.

The Re:Urban Studio is one of the most affordable coworking spaces in the city. The basic membership starts at 45 AED per day, which is enough for one or two days, or a week or a month. Its shared lounge area is accessible seven days a week, and the private offices are accessible around the clock. The facility is located in Business Bay, just a short distance from the Burj Khal and Dubai International Airport.

Re-Urban Studio

Incubate your creativity at Re-Urban Studio, a community-based design incubator in Dubai. Its 8,000-square-foot coworking space is ideal for artists, designers, and startups. With an array of community events, workshops, and programs, Re-Urban is the perfect place to find inspiration and connect with like-minded professionals. Here, you can work on anything from branding to web design and everything in between.

Re-Urban Studio is located in the Design District, Dubai’s creative hub. It has private office spaces, collaborative group seating, and meeting rooms. Members can also access meeting rooms and communal workspaces for a minimal fee. In addition, it offers daily passes and education opportunities for creative professionals and entrepreneurs.

Re-Urban Studio Coworking Space has an excellent location – a short walk from the Noor Bank metro station. The spacious, three-story workspace offers a combination of work and leisure. The environment encourages creative thinking, and only accepts members who fit into the community’s culture. It also has a rooftop lap pool and garden, tennis courts, and a fitness center.

Re-Urban Studio Coworking Space is one of the most affordable coworking spaces in Dubai. Basic membership costs 45 AED per day, or 220 AED for a week. The price for a dedicated desk, private office, or virtual office is around 650 AED. The office space is open 24 hours a day, with the exception of holidays.

Another popular coworking space in Dubai is Impact Hub. Impact Hub provides flexible working hours and flexible parking. It is also convenient for access to buses 321 or E311. A number of small business owners and entrepreneurs use the Impact Hub community, which is made up of over 16,000 members in more than 100 cities around the world. The Impact Hub community is comprised of professionals from diverse fields. There is also a community app that facilitates social interaction.

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