Cool Drawing Colored Pencils With Easy Step by Step

cool drawing

Cool Drawing Colored Pencils With Easy Step by Step

Cool Drawing made in pencil always looks sophisticated and stylish, slowly. Paintings are sometimes found among the works of famous artists, but you can recreate them themselves. Draw flowers pencil can describe anyone is predisposed to this type of art. But those who have not previously had their hand in painting can try to take advantage of our teaching.


First, we need to photograph the plants or flowers in a living form. Rubbings are always accessible because not everyone, even endowed with talent, can accurately convey the essence of the painting, which is in his mind. Nature or photos provide a real opportunity to sketch every detail precisely, without missing anything.


Before you start cool drawing with colored pencils, divide the sheets into zones. Would you mind scrolling to where it is located in a bud below mark the stem area? If your plants have left, label them on the sketch. It should note that it is essential to convey additional cool drawings by applying such new circuits. If you plan to draw Lily, the flower bud should be stretched slightly extended upwards. If the photo is a daisy or rose, then this area makes a round or slightly oval. The stalk should be elongated, typical of its forms from the beginning.


  • Now, look at your patterns:
  • Count the number of petals.
  • Measure their dimensions.
  • Determine what distance from each other are the leaves.

Color pencils are drawn gradually, so the next step is applying basic details to the paper. It would help if you cut around each petal to give the thickness and shape of the stem. The leaves will look like themselves rather than circles. Now, look at your sketch from afar, and if it is proportional, the song itself is not shifted to one side of the sheet, and then go to the next step.


Next, draw a colored pencil on each detail. To do this, carefully pull out each petal, each leaf. They, in turn, should be obvious bands, stripes. Some of them may have an imperfect shape-consider this. Due to such detail, the cool drawing will look more attractive. Then such attention to detail once again views the list from afar. Fix various bugs. Next, go to the finishing operation.


To work looked complete, you need to get rid of all the auxiliary lines. In this case, the ends of the petals, which are hidden behind other like-minded. After that, you need to provide the volume picture. With the play of light and shadows, lively and believable looks become even pencil drawings for beginners. Flowers set off quickly; you stroke the petals of the base, which is in the middle of the buds, and then the same is done with the leaves. Sketch itself will show you where to direct the stroke line, so there should be no problems in the shadows.

Simple and quickly recreated the cool drawing in pencil. Flowers represent the easiest, as they are copied from nature. He does not change their positions (as opposed to people whose portrait can be srisovat), so the artist is easier to catch every line, every curve.


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