Complete Guide to Fat Burner Supplement Help to Lose Weight

Fat Burner

With the increasing prevalence of obesity, fat burner supplement have gained tons of attention in terms of its credibility. However, tons more misconceptions have also been attached to its usage. Luckily, none of the misconceptions have gained scientifical approval.

What are fat burner supplement?

Fat burners are supplement within the sort of capsules, tablets, powder or liquid, which claim to scale back body fat by various mechanisms, such as:

  • Increasing metabolism,
  • Impeding fat absorption,
  • Enhancing fat oxidation,
  • Encouraging long- term habituations of metabolism , etc.

What is fat burner supplement used for?

Fat burner supplement serve the subsequent purposes-

  • Promote weight loss by several techniques as mentioned above.
  • Boost energy levels.
  • Restrain appetite, which decreases food intake.
  • Cause an increase in blood heat , which further helps in burning more fat.

Types of fat burners:

There are differing types of fat burner supplement available within the markets, the primary two being the foremost common ones.

1.) Thermogenic fat burners:

Thermogenic fat burners are those that contain stimulants, like caffeine, capsaicin, theacrine etc. Stimulants basically raise body’s rate by producing heat inside the body. This rise within the rate results in faster weight loss. These are the fat burner supplements that provide the fastest results, but these should be used with most precautions. Future usage isn’t in the least recommended, also as people with any medical record should completely avoid them.

2.) Non- Thermogenic fat burners:

There are fat burners which are free from stimulants, i.e. they are doing not contain any ingredients that produce heat inside the body to boost the metabolism.

3.) Carb Blockers:

Most foods eaten regularly are rich in carbohydrates, and one cannot omit having carbohydrates completely. Moreover, the carbohydrates that the body isn’t ready to utilize are stored as fat. Having carb blockers impede the carbohydrate digesting enzymes, which allows the carbohydrates to be excreted from the body without providing any calories or adding to fat.

4.) Appetite suppressants:

These are fat burners that help in losing weight by reducing hunger and appetite, which results in satiety after having bit of foods.

Example- Fat burners containing Cayenne, Grapefruit volatile oil , etc.

5.) Thyroid regulating fat burners:

If the thyroid isn’t working properly, it’s linked with weight gain. Thyroid regulating fat burners provide the body chemically that balance the functioning of thyroid and hence support weight loss.

6.) Fat blockers:

Fat blockers work an equivalent way as carb blockers, they prevent the right digestion and absorption of fats within the body.

Example- Fat burners containing Orlistat, Rimonabant, etc.

7.) Cortisol blockers:

Cortisol may be a stress hormone, which is extremely common to get on the upper side lately . Higher levels of Cortisol create an urge for fats and sugar within the body, which successively results in fat.

Example- Fat burners containing L- Carnitine, Ginseng etc.

Who should use Fat Burner supplement?

Fat burners aren’t for everybody . People with any medical conditions, especially hypertension, heart disorders or diseases, diabetes, neurological, gastrointestinal disorders etc, should completely avoid having fat burner supplement. Secondly, people losing weight sufficiently by following a correct diet and exercise schedule also needn’t consume fat burner supplement. Only individuals, who are finding it difficult to reduce through a life-style regime may prefer to have fat burner supplements for brief durations, as long as they don’t have any underlying medical condition.

Usage and Precautions:

Fat burner isn’t something to be added to regimes permanently. Most supplements should be consumed in cycles (except whey proteins), but fat burners most sincerely got to be consumed in cycles. the rationale behind this is often , future usage of fat burners creates a setback and body stops getting much suffering from the supplement. This leads to no weightloss even while being on a fat burner, when being thereon for quite the recommended intervals. Fat burner generally shouldn’t be consumed for quite 4-6 weeks at a time.

Fat burner should even be used keeping in mind certain precautions:

  • Do not consume fat burner in the dark before sleep.
  • Do not consume a better dosage than recommended.
  • Do not keep it up having them in continuation for future .

Do not assume fat burners to be a short- cut or a substitute of weightloss diet and exercise regime, doing this may not assist you achieve your target.

A lot of fat burner claim to be best taken empty stomach within the morning, however many of them contain ingredients which could be harmful when consumed empty stomach. Moreover, the body’s metabolism is already high within the morning, so it’s not required.

Side effects of Fat Burners

It is not the case with everyone but some people with a pre-existing medical condition might face some side effects related to fat burners such as:

  • Increased pulse
  • Increased vital sign
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

Some fat burners from inferior or unapproved brands might contain some cheap unknown ingredients to urge faster results, but these might cause future health complications. It’s extremely essential to settle on fat burners from appropriate brands.

In extreme cases, they’ll adversely affect body organs like liver, kidney, etc.

To avoid the danger of fat burners, it’s best advised to never Overdose and self -supplement. Best practice is to consult a health-care provider to urge the dosage customized.


The best advice about fat burner supplement would be, have them as long as you’re unable to realize your target in absence of fat burners. However, it’s not something that comes with danger but should be used only required, within the recommended dosage, in small cycles and amid an appropriate diet and exercise schedule to make sure safety and best results.

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