Common Causes for Roof Leaks and How to Avoid the Same

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When it comes to your residence, the last thing that you or anyone wants is a full-fledged roof leak. Such a leak can damage your very foundation which is all the more reason as to what you need to do to avoid the same. That’s why you may want to check out the rest of the article for common causes for roof leaks and how to avoid the same. Most roofs develop leaks over the years and as long as you handle some of the common causes, you should be able to avoid this headache altogether. 

  • Flashing issues: Usually, after a certain period, most roof flashing often develops cracks, after long periods of exposure to the elements. The flashing is a thin piece of metal that is installed under shingles as well as the roof joints. And after a period, this rust and corrode away, soon developing cracks in it. You can check online for leaking roof repairs in Melbourne, and get a professional to fix the flashing, or you can do it on your own. You would just need to remove the tiles in one piece, remove the old flashing and install the new one. That’s it. 
  • Missing shingles and how to handle them: One of the most common complaints about leaking roof repairs happen to be missing shingles, especially after a full-fledged storm. The good news is that shingles are the ones on the exterior of the roof and often a heavy storm tends to blow them away. So just visit the local hardware store, and get similar sized and shaped shingles and now, you should be able to replace the missing ones, with ease. This should help protect your roof and prevent any water leaks as well.
  • Valley is not adequately sealed: Remember when the two planes of the roof slope and join in a V-shape, that’s usually called a valley. If the valleys are not correctly sealed, this can lead to extensive water leaks and damage even during a slight downpour. This is why you need to make sure that your valleys are sealed and that you will need to carry out periodic checkers to ensure that the seals are weathering up well, to the various elements.
  • Cracks in the Vent booting: The vent booting is typically the part of your roof where a metal pipe pokes out of it and lets the resulting moisture out of the home. And in time, the roof around the pipe is bound to decay or even the flashing or the trim will crack over time. In such cases, water will seep into the roof and usually, black molds will form over the spot which should indicate the problem. This issue can easily be resolved by removing the rubber and installing a new boot. 

Just make sure that you take all precautions and wear a safety harness as you clamber onto the roof to handle these issues on your own. And you can always get a professional roofer to handle it instead, but just know that these issues can be resolved easily.


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