Commercial cleaning 101: Essential tips that you need to know for an efficient cleaning


Yup, cleaning can be a chore especially if you happen to be managing a bowling alley or a restaurant or even a guest home. That’s why it’s always a good idea to leave heavy-duty cleaning to professionals.

However, if you plan on tackling commercial cleaning in Greensboro NC on your own – then, you may want to check out these tips. Do remember that you can utilize these tips for residential cleaning as well.

  • Storage: You need to store all your cleaning supplies in a safe, secure area and yet one that’s within easy reach. You can use portable carriers, like a light plastic basket or even wheeled carriage carts. You can use these to store cleaning supplies like sprays, isopropyl alcohol, glass cleaners, tissues, paper napkins, towels, etc. Just make sure that you have stored them all, including microfiber wipes safely and out of reach of children as well as toddlers. 
  • Shine the keyboards: if you’re planning to clean computer keyboards, monitors, you may want to use mini-towelettes. You can use these to clean the keyboards, and other peripherals since they usually accumulate dust, and crumbs. You can even shine these with the help of mini-towelettes and special solutions. One of the main reasons for dust and crumbs to accumulate on these peripherals is eating lunch and snacks nearby.
  • Store your vacuum nearby: it would be a good idea to store your vacuum close at hand. Since you would use the same, for most of your cleaning operations, you need it close by. Avoid storing the same with the rest of your cleaning supplies, unless you lack adequate space. You can set aside a closet area, but ensure that you store it with all the fittings and not separately.
  • Use trash bags regularly: Whether you use medium-sized or large-sized bags, just make sure that the trash bins are lined with the same. This should make it easier to pop out the old one, use a fresh one and make your trash collection a hassle-free process.
  • Use disinfectant wipes: Given the fact that there’s a pandemic raging on, it makes more sense to have a box of disinfectant wipes, close at hand. You can leave it on the table so that the employees can utilize the same to wipe down door knobs, faucets, microwaves, wipe the table down, other fixtures, etc. You need to use these wipes in common areas to ensure that it’s safe for everyone to work there.
  • Use a checklist: Granted that some cleaning jobs are bound to be larger than others. And that’s why you need to designate these tasks for your employees. You can also rotate the same often, to ensure that they are fair. Moreover, use a checklist to track each cleaning assignment and ensure that it gets completed on schedule. If you are planning to handle commercial cleaning in Greensboro, Nc on your own, then you would have to follow these tips.
  • Let the professionals handle it: There’s nothing wrong with letting the professionals handle the large contracts. Every client is bound to leave feedback and you need to build a stellar reputation. So there’s nothing wrong in delegating the large contracts to professionals, as long as you’re sure they can wrap it up on schedule with nary a complaint. 

These are a few tips that you might want to check out before any commercial or residential cleaning gigs. 


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