Certified High Performance Coach – Insider Secrets To Improve Your Performance Coaching Program

Certified high performance coach

Are you a high-performance coach trying to help an employee improve their workplace performance? You can use a step-by-step performance coaching program to help your client out:

  • The first thing that you will do is to diffuse hostility at the beginning of the coaching session. You may do this by complimenting your client for their contributions. Say, “I truly liked what you have done this morning when you made time to actually understand your customer! And, gave him the specific products he needed. Well done!” This will assist in setting up the tone of the meeting. Be sure not to sound patronizing though.
  • As a certified high performance coach start the coaching session by informing your trainees of the reason we all are meeting. Get to the point straight away and do not try to use negative terms that would make your trainees feel less of themselves. Say, “I wish to talk to you about the situation that happened yesterday”. Attentively watch your tone and ensure that you focus on the behavior and not the person himself.
  • Convey the outcome of the behavior. Like, tell your trainees the outcomes of their actions. Also, why do you want to deal with it at once? Say “sharing our client’s personal information would put our organization in a poor light since this will obviously cost us, the trust of your customer base”.
  • Listen to your trainee’s side of the story. Request your trainees to air their side and come out with the reasons for their behavior. Ensure that you don’t look judgmental. Instead, motivate them to go on the details, so you can have a clear picture. To be a true, certified high performance coach be a practitioner of active listening throughout the session.
  • Review the organization’s rules and regulations with your trainees. You will want to make your trainee realize that they have violated the rules formed by the company. Narrate all rules again and ensure that you are on the same page. Enthuse your trainees to ask questions and come up with the most appropriate answer.
  • Call for the opinion of your trainee. Ask your trainee all that they must do to straighten out the issue. In nearly all cases, these people have an idea, of what they need to do. Moreover, they simply need somebody to affirm it. Get them to write an action plan and sign it. You could use this as a reference in the future.
  • Action plan. Tell your trainee precisely what they have to do to improve the situation. Then, seek agreement before you wrap up the coaching session.

The Sum Up

These are some steps that form the main structure of a successful performance coaching program.


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