Celebrate Your First Date At The Choicest Restaurant Richmond Has


You’ve been waiting for weeks to get the girl of your dreams to go on a date with you, and finally, she agreed. Great going, mate! But you want to go to a place which is not too expensive, yet chic and has a touch of all things nice. So here’s how to have a successful date at a Restaurant Richmond, and how to get ready for the same? Please read on!

You need to plan well ahead

Don’t leave anything for the last moment! Do your research and prepare well when you choose which restaurant you would like to have your first date at! You can check local magazines or online sites for what critics have to say or read reviews about the best restaurants near you. And when you are done doing that, do call up the best mediterranean restaurant in Richmond you zeroed in on and make a reservation, especially if the date is to happen on a weekend night- it can be packed. Do not leave it to the last moment.

Check out the happy hour specials

It would also be wise to ask the restaurant for their “happy hour” specials (drinks) and reserve the place at least fifteen minutes before starting the service. Happy hour specials usually throw in discounts, and you get to be the first part of the diners’ wave, with no rush and no pressure on you and your date!

When you arrive at the restaurant

Now that you have chosen the choicest restaurant amongst other Places to Eat Richmond specifically, arrive on time or a little early before your date- don’t keep her waiting. A host would greet you and take you to your seat, where your date would be (if she’s earlier than you). Be amicable and approachable to the host and the waiters at the restaurant, and the same would come back to you.

When you are seated

The real journey starts now. The waiter would greet you and be more like your cruise director. They would have complete knowledge of the specials on the menu also. Check with them what’s on the menu, what’s on the drinks list, the draft list, or the cocktail list.

The waiter would have extensive knowledge about the menu and the drinks, and they will tell it all to you and your date. Ask your date what she would prefer to start with first. This would be a nice gesture to impress your date.

Enjoy the ambience

While you’re enjoying your drink, talking with your date, and enjoying the starters, don’t forget to enjoy the ambience and mise-en-scene. It can be a conversation starter. The rest of the Dinner and Drinks Richmond restaurant you are at will be a pure pleasure. Enjoy everything and savour it- appreciate it, and you will want to spend more time with your date. When you are done with your meal, have a dessert for both of you- it will be the best part of your eating out with your lady love.

This is how you have a great first date with food and drinks in Richmond restaurants can provide you. Do check our website for more events and menu options; visit us at attria.com.au/ or call us to book a reservation for your special time at 03 9427 9114- we would be glad to help you!


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