Ceiling Lights: Types, advantages and other things to know before buying

Led Ceiling Lights

Light is an indispensable factor in our living spaces. However, today, the purpose of putting lights is not just the need for illumination but also embellishment of the living space. Ceiling lights cater to all of these demands. Let us look into this modern marvel in more detail.

What are ceiling lights?

As the name suggests, ceiling lights are directly attached to the ceiling or the roof of the room. Often, a false ceiling is installed to add to the overall charm of the lights.

From being functional to being elegant, ceiling lights are a complete package. They come in different shapes and sizes and are easy to maintain. The latest advances in technology have led to the making of LED ceiling lights, which are more cost-efficient and radiant than traditional ceiling lights.

Let us look at the various types of lights available in the market today.

Types of ceiling lights

Strip lights: These lights are installed above the moulding of the false ceiling. Hence they give the illusion that the false ceiling itself is emitting the light. These lights are the best options to give your home a dramatic feel.

Profile lights: Profile lights successfully create a movie theatre-like atmosphere at home. It all depends on how you place and space them.

Pendant lights: Pendant lights can be radiant or dull, depending on your requirements or wishes. They are suspended from the ceiling and allowed to hang like a pendant. Adding two to three of these together can create a marvellous effect in the room.

Chandelier: As we all know, a chandelier is hung down from the roof of the room. It successfully gives the room a palatial look.

There are countless options for ceiling lights. You can check which are available near you. Let us now look at the various advantages of Ceiling lights.

Advantages of ceiling lights

Freedom of Choice: They come in different sizes and shapes. The variety of styles and colours give you more freedom to choose.

Versatile: The ceiling lights are multipurpose. They make your space look sophisticated and modern, as well as add light to it. Additionally, some ceiling lights can help you save space as well.

Illumination and ambience: The structures of the lights are typically designed to diffuse light to a better range. Hence, they illuminate the room better than other types. Additionally, they are effective in creating an ambience of peace and influencing your mood positively.

Stand out: You can create a great impression on your visitors with these elegant and modern looking lights.
What to know before availing ceiling lights

You may choose not to pay attention to the ceiling light and let your designer choose for you. However, knowledge of the following things is of paramount importance even if you are not directly involved in the decision making.

Type of light: Several categories of lighting devices are available in ceiling lights. Some of them are lights, such as incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, LED lights and compact fluorescent lamps. LED is the latest advancement and is the most cost-effective one. Although it can seem to be costly given the price, it can last 40 times longer. LEDs are also low maintenance and environment friendly.

Installation costs: The installation costs of some Ceiling lights can be high depending on your service person. Hence, you must always consider the expenses.

Reduction in room stature: Due to the installation f a moulding or false ceiling, the altitude of your space can decrease. If your room is already short in height, you can go for pendant lights that do not require a false ceiling.


Choosing LED ceiling lights for home décor is the best choice you can make. These lights have been revolutionizing interior design for quite some time. With more advances, the features are only going to become better. Therefore, you must keep an eye on the market for the latest products.


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