Carpet Cleaning Hacks For Long-lasting & Clean Carpet


Nothing beats the feeling of a soft carpet to walk on during summer. But keeping these carpets clean is a tedious task. When you have kids and pets it is a whole nother story. Carpets give a very homely look. It takes a mere weekly vacuum is sometimes enough but here are some hacks to keep your carpet clean. 

  1. Lint Roller

If you feel that no matter how hard you vacuum there are still crumbs stuck in the corners. Even powerful vacuum cleaners sometimes fail to clear these small issues. You can solve this by purchasing a lint roller. Just put some elbow grease and you can get cleaner corners. It wouldn’t take more than five minutes to clean an entire carpet using this method. Brisbane carpet cleaners highly recommend this. Pet hair gets easier to clean using this method. 

  1. A Squeegee

Lint rollers might not be able to clean the whole surface area of the carpet. In this case to remove the excess pet hair from your carpets. Water the squeegee and use it where you want to and you are all set. Even short hair in the carpet can be removed with this even though squeegees are made for an entirely different purpose. 

  1. Remove stains with an iron

It is a three-step process to clean the carpet using an iron. The first step is to vacuum the carpet so that hard particles are removed. After this crucial prep work, treat the stained part with a vinegar and water mixture. Keep it on for five minutes. Next, place a towel on the stained area and apply the heated iron. The pressure and heat will help the stain to be transferred into the towel. 

  1. Remember Rubbing reads to spreading

It is natural to rub the stain away. But with carpets, it is a bad idea. Rubbing leads to spreading. This might lead to permanent discoloration. Only blotting will help to take off the stain. You should also be careful in what direction you blot in. Blotting inwards from outside the stain will help to stop the spread. 

  1. Homemade deep clean carpet cleaner. 

If you have your carpet shampooing machine. It might not be a healthy organic option if you lead such a lifestyle. But if you want to minimize the effect on nature, you can use this as it is environmentally friendly. You get the same results as professional shampoos for carpet cleaning. It will help with a thorough deep clean. 

  1. Baking soda for stains

The best solution to oil stains is baking soda. Sometimes hot water and dabbing cannot get rid of oil stains. You need to have a special technique to get rid of oil stains and this is where baking soda comes to the rescue. Apply liberally on the stained area and leave it until it absorbs the dust and stain. After most of it is absorbed, you can dab it to remove the stain completely. 

  1. Nail Polish Remover

Some say rubbing alcohol might help with small stains but you might also be risking the dye and lead to bleaching. Nail polish remover on the other hand does the magic. Gently dab a cotton with the nail polish remover and you are good to go as it dissolves into the material. 


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