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bungee jumping
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Goa is spreading over 3702 sq kilometers and is the smallest state in India while it is one of the famous places for tourists. Goa in India is famous for beaches, tourist is its primary source of income, and mainly focused on coastal areas. The best season for visiting Goa is summer and monsoon. The major attraction in Goa is Indian culture, beaches, churches, and Convents of Goa that have been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Goa beaches cover approx 125 kilometers of distance these beaches are divided into North Goa beach and South Goa beach. You can  do bungee jumping .

Goa carries out tourist activities that include sightseeing and river Cruises and this is all monitored by the tourist Minister of India the organization is GTDC- Goa Tourism Development Corporation.

Goa is seriously a good place to visit there you can see wildlife, waterfalls, museums, beaches as well as Heritage homes and forts. 


In Goa, you will experience many adventurous activities and sports that you will like very much, the list of adventurous sports that you can do in Goa is given below-

  • Grand Island Goa scuba diving
  • Hot air balloon riding
  • Calangute beach water sports
  • Bungee jumping
  • North Goa city tour
  • North Goa Candolim beach Dolphin tour
  • Splashdown Waterpark
  • Fly dining
  • Waterfall tour
  • Baga Beach candlelight dinner
  • Nightclubs in Goa

Some of them are explained as-

Hot Air Baloon:

In Goa, the most stunning activity or say adventurous sport is a hot air balloon. You will experience the majestic view of Goa from 2500 feet above the earth, that 360 degrees Panoramic view can win your heart within seconds.

North Goa:

Goa is divided into two districts, one is north goa and the second is south goa,

Spreading over 670 sq miles is one of the favorite places for visitors.

In north Goa, you can do many activities and experience the beauty of the beaches, churches, and forts.

Bungee Jumping:

This is the best activity in goa, jumping height is approx, 55 meters, and the feeling of excitement and fear as never before. This adventurous activity is run by the government with all precautions and safety and held by trained officers, and also makes sure that nonhealthy people can not go bungee jumping.

Enjoy the 360 degrees of view from the height and experience the most unforgettable jump ever. Trained masters there will be providing full suggestions and all safety measures will prepare you for the jump.

Located in amthane dam, Goa, this full activity takes only 1 hour to complete and you can book yourself there for the jump between 10:00 am to 4:30 pm, and closed only on Tuesday. The location is 19.2 km far from Kanpur, you can reach there by any means of transport it is up to you what suits you better.

Bungee jumping is the most extreme adventure in the world and it is a pleasure to have this type of activity organized in India in Goa. the trainers are very strict there and never anyone with serious medical conditions and those who do not follow the instructions.

It is the feeling of releasing adrenaline hormone in our body when you see yourself falling from a height and suddenly caught back by the rope that is boned with you.

Steps to reach:

You should make sure to reach the place between the time 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, register your name and then get the instructions from the instructor and the assistant will get you ready for the jump. Make your heart tough and strong for the moment you are going to feel, the feeling of fear! Then the jumpmasters will guide you again before the jump, listen to them very carefully, and then they will make you jump from the height.


  • Follow the instructions carefully
  • After a health inspection, only those who clear that inspection is allowed for the jump as this is a hazardous activity and can also cause a heart attack.
  • Not for children, only allowed above 14 yr old children.
  • It is necessary to behave leniently toward the instructors.
  • Do not damage any equipment.
  • Conditions like a neck injury, recent fracture, high BP, asthma, heart disease pregnancy and etc. those who have these symptoms are not allowed.
  • Only one person at a time.
  • Trainers don’t take any risks to anyone they are strict with their job.
  • The difficulty level there is much higher than it can take anyone to death also that’s why the health checkup is necessary before the jump.


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