Best Types of Dental Implant Abutments


Muscles, bones, nails, and hair grow with time, but teeth don’t grow. Once it falls out, it never comes. And people find it challenging to live with the gaps between teeth. 

So, dentistry experts have discovered a method of filling the bridges between teeth gaps. Dental implants are one of them! It includes equipment like an implant abutment drill that works to bring back your smile. 

The surgical process of dental implants delivers the fastest and most effective results. So here in this article, we will learn about surgical abutments and types.

What Is a Dental Implant Abutment? 

You might have heard about dental implants and the bridge or crown. However, one part is rarely discussed, and it is the abutment. 

Basically, a dental implant abutment is a tiny piece created by zirconia or titanium. It works as a link between crown and implant or another restoration. 

This helps in shaping your gums in an esthetically, pleasing and healthy way. So, it is an essential part of tooth restoration. The things used for abutments impact the aesthetics and strength. It is the reason why dentists choose the correct abutment for the implantation task.   

Types Of Dental Implant Abutment 

Healing abutments

Well, dentists mostly prefer to use a healing abutment after surgery for promoting healthy gums and covering a dental implant’s hollow center. The abutment plays an essential role in healing gums, but it won’t attach over a dental implant. 

Custom made abutments 

Your dentist might choose a custom abutment for the patient. It is important to match the anatomy of any patient. Also, it plays an essential role in places that are visible in your mouth. It is usually the time of smiling to make sure the crown is the same as other teeth. 

There are two kinds of custom made abutment:

  • CAM/CAD custom abutments
  • Gold cast custom abutments. 

In implant dentistry, the use of gold cast abutment has decreased. However, the CAM/CAD custom abutment use is now increased. 

Both the healing abutment and custom abutment have their own benefits and uses. We recommend asking your dentist for a proper dental implant. They use a surgical bur kit and other equipment for fixing the tooth. 

The abutment comes in different sizes or shapes. Still, you need a dentist who can find the right abutment method for particular patients. 

Important things you need to know about abutments 

The implant is a common treatment for your missing tooth. The topmost advantage of the implant is it helps reconstruct a tooth form. 

But as you know, pros have cons attached with every success. According to research by Laney et al., there are some problems. It includes soft tissue penetration, abutment screw fracture, screw loosening, and mucosal inflammation. But the most common problem in patients is the screw loosening.  

There are several reasons for screw loosening: 

  • Fatigue 
  • Inappropriate tightening torque 
  • Excessive bending
  • Settling effect 
  • Vibrating micromovement 

Inappropriate tightening torque seems to be the main reason for screw loosening in an implant. So the purpose of applying tightening torque is granting stability and making screw elongation by force in between fixture and abutment system. However, the screw loosening level is easy to measure by determining the removal torque of the screw, extension, and preload using a gauge.    

The implant abutment has to be made of a biocompatible substance with proper mechanical features. It should complete the esthetic, biological, and functional demands. Prevent abutment fracture, screw loosening, and bone loss; implant abutment should be accurately fixed on the mating implant. 

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Tips For Looking After Dental Implants 

Dental implants are a kind of confidence booster. It makes you smile freely, but you must take care of implants to leverage their benefits. Below we have mentioned a few tips for looking after an implant. 

  • Start with using a soft nylon brush. It should have gentle and pliable bristles. Also, clean hard to reach areas of your mouth after the implant.
  • Buy sensitive, clean material because abrasive products cause much discomfort. 
  • Plaques can accumulate in your teeth so consider daily flossing. 
  • Avoid eating hard or sticky food. It includes ice cream, dry fruits, caramel, carrot, candies, potato chips, and much more. 
  • After having an implant, it is essential to avoid alcohol or smoking.  
  • Visiting your dentist on a regular basis prevents your teeth from decaying. They can advise you on the best possible methods of saving teeth. 

  Are you ready for implant abutment?

You might have got enough information regarding dental implantation. Usually, dentists use an implant abutment drill to perform surgeries. They need the best surgical bur kit for dental surgeries most of the time. 

Before hopping on any dentist, check their procedure and success rate. Choose a dentist with more than 90% successful dental surgeries. Also, review their service level online. 


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