Best Tips to Spruce Up your Home with Mediterranean Styled Décor


Coming straight from the areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, originating from iconic countries like Greece, Spain and Morocco, the Mediterranean décor style is something that catches your attention instantly. Speaking everything about elegance and comfortable living, the homes decorated with this style are considered some of the best ones.

How to create a wonderfully decorated Mediterranean style home?

The first thing you should know when creating the Mediterranean effect in your home is calling the best designer, decorator, architect, and even interior painters in Auckland, RMC Painting LTD offers the best paint job for such wonderfully luxurious homes and creates the most magnificent ambience of colours for you in such homes. Only after hiring the best people for the job can you be assured that your Mediterranean style home would be the perfect one! For more such useful tips, keep reading.

  • A neutral backdrop

One thing that you will find prevalent in all the Mediterranean styled homes is the neutral backdrop of the houses. Whether it is your living room, bedroom, or even the dining area, you will only find light shades of white or creams in these places. And not just the paint on the walls, but even the furnishings are selected in lighter and neutral shades with some rich material so that it gives a touch of fair elegance to the house.

  • Stone and terracotta floors

The colours in a Mediterranean style home range around the earthy and aqua shade palettes. But often they are inspired by the shades of nature like directly from the water, sun, and earth. That is why you will find a whole lot of options for the stone and terracotta floors. These floors are not only sturdy and strong but also bring in the natural touch to the interiors.

  • Patterned tiles

A Mediterranean home embraces the tiles in patterned form really well. You’ll see this pattern on the walls, floors, and even the bathrooms. What’s more, you’ll find such tiles and their patterns nicely blended even in the dining areas of such homes.

  • Mediterranean décor has an old-world charm

If you are trying to inculcate the Mediterranean type of décor in your house, you’ll have to accept the fact that it exudes all the old school charm. From rustic woods to natural stone and even earthy, sanded look, it will charm its style with all the simple ingredients of the planet.

  • Add spark with wooden furniture

Always remember, you can’t achieve the completely perfect Mediterranean look in the house without using the wooden furniture in it. These can be weathered, elaborately carved, and even detailed or distressed. In the end, you get a royal looking house with extraordinary wooden furniture in it.

Apart from all these, remember that a Mediterranean styled home often brings the outdoor area inside the house. What’s more, you’ll also find it extremely ornamental and totally alluring yet descriptive. Well, these are the main essence of a Mediterranean décor in your home. How about styling yours in this way?


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