Best Female Hair Loss Treatment


Losing hair is not always normal. You should be worried if you lose too many hairs every day. Our advanced female hair loss treatment addresses the unique problem of women in a timely manner. How does this treatment work? How early can I see the benefits? How much does it cost? This page discusses how taking one of these treatments can be a good option for females candidates. Continue reading to know its benefits, cost, side effects, procedure, and more about it.

Treatment for Female Hair Loss

The reasons for hair loss can be different in females and understanding the root causes is key to success. The dream of reducing hair fall and increasing hair growth can be realized by trying a female hair loss treatment. Besides taking routine care, advanced treatment can ensure timely growth and better health. You should consult a hair growth expert to know which treatment you should try. Here are the details about treatments for hair fall.


Different people experience different benefits from different treatment options. You should expect the following if you want to have it:

  • Side effects, if any, will last for a short time; downtime is also short.
  • A suitable technique can help you expedite hair growth to a significant level.
  • Due to an improved appearance, people feel happy and confident after having it.
  • Trying your options in a timely fashion can help you avoid hair thinning and baldness.


If you are a female with abnormal hair loss, you can be a good candidate for female hair loss treatment. If the following is true for you, it is good for you:

  • You know the true importance of hair.
  • You do not want to have hair thinning or baldness.
  • You lose about 100 or more than 100 hairs every single day.
  • You want to get healthy hair with an amazing hair volume.

Side Effects

Topical and minimally invasive treatments for hair loss do not cause major or long-term side effects. However, minor and temporary harms can occur. The person who tries any of the female hair loss treatment will feel normal and hair growth will increase significantly.


The procedure for different techniques is different; let’s have a look at the notable ones; Topical Treatment: This option involves Minoxidil (Rogaine) which is a medication approved by the FDA. Al you need is to apply this topical medication on your hair according to the instructions. PRP Hair Loss Treatment: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the same person is used to perform this treatment. The growth and healing properties of PRP repair damage and trigger growth. Low-Level Laser Therapy: An advanced laser machine does all the magic here. Low-level laser means fewer chances of harm and greater chances of hair growth. Hair Transplant Procedure: It is a slightly surgical technique where hair grafts are removed from the backside of the scalp followed by their transplant at the bald area.

Pre-Op Care

Not much pre-treatment care is required in most cases. To be on the safer side, the candidate should follow all instructions from the procedure provider.


Some sort of care might be required after taking such treatments. In general, the people who take one of the treatment options can continue routine activities. [consultation]


Different women develop a different level of baldness and hair thinning. That is why each hair transplant case can be different in terms of patient requirements and treatment goals. In general, the following factors influence its pricing:

  • The number of hair grafts you need to transplant
  • The area where your treatment provider is located
  • How qualified, experience, and reputed your surgeon is
  • Which type of hair transplant you have decided to undergo

In case you have medical insurance, you have to ask the health coverage provider whether they cover such a procedure or not. In general, they do not cover cosmetic treatments. If you visit us and consult our expert, you can know how much you will have to pay for it.

Consult an Expert

In essence, people can expedite growth by trying a suitable option. Consulting a reputed professional is necessary to know which option is good for you. Our hair restoration surgeon can answer your questions if you need more details. Get in touch with us now to ask questions or to book a female hair loss treatment in Dubai. No matter how many hairs you have lost, it is never too late to help your scalp more hair.


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