BEST and WORST Menswear Brands of New Year


Menswear has revolutionized with time, but some brands are far from understanding it. Today, the fashion industry has completely transformed and requires new brands to follow the suit. Unless a brand is up to the mark, it becomes difficult for it to stand its ground. If you have a unique taste in menswear, then you must already hate a lot of staple brands in the market.

After all, not all brands can meet a person’s taste.

No matter what you prefer, you can find it in the market. However, not all brands will be able to match your taste. So, how can you find that ONE brand without going through the hassle?

Here’s a list of the best and worst menswear brands that you must know of.

Best Menswear Brands

Wondering what’s best for you? Well, there are a few brands in the market that will never disappoint you. Not all of them are famous names, some are relatively new, but acing today’s fashion demands. Here are the best brands that you must know of.

Luciano Berbera

If you have high taste in men’s suits and other apparel, then this brand will serve you right. When it comes to fashion, this brand always leaves its customers in awe. Not only do they use amazing fabric to make their suits, but make sure that the stitching is up to the mark as well.

Luciano Barbera is the name of quality in the fashion market and it’s well reflected from their Sartoriale line. Don’t forget to check out their amazing collection if you want to look classic at an event.

Apparel in click

Relatively new, but doing complete justice to the fashion industry is Apparelinclick. Now you might not find classic suits, shirts, or other formal clothing items in their store, but they offer amazing t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel to uplift your everyday look.

The brand specializes in producing high-quality, comfortable, and intriguing graphic t-shirts and hoodies. You can wear these t-shirts with any of your favorite jeans and steal the show with them. They prepare the shirts with soft fabric for customers’ comfort and ease at all times.


Another amazing brand that will leave you wanting more is the incredible Kiton. There’s no doubt about how expensive it is, but you will surely end up looking like a billion-dollar person in it. They make suits with very high-end stuff keeping the customer’s comfort and ease in mind. The suits come with handmade details to give a personalized touch to them all.

No matter if you want fine wools, cashmere fabrics, or others – you can find them in their store. It’s a classic brand that is unique in every way. It’s a must-try for all men out there.

Tom Ford

Remember the James Bond suit? Well, that’s from Tom Ford. With impressive silhouettes, this fashion brand is definitely grabbing everyone’s attention lately. Coming with cool shawl collar tuxedos, wider lapels, and a classic touch – Tom Ford remains on the ‘best’ menswear list for a reason.

Amazingness does cost you a lot, so don’t expect these suits to be affordable. Check if Tom Ford ever goes on a sale, that’s your best chance to save some money on these classic suits.

Worst Menswear Brands

If you want to purchase the best men’s suits, then some fashion brands might look good but are not right for it. If you want to save yourself from the shame, then here’s the list of them.


Wondering how Zara – the amazing fashion brand – fits in this list? Well, to be honest, as good as this brand is, it’s definitely not the right choice for menswear. The brand has a catwalk focus in its designs and is more on the fashionable end. If you purchase a suit from them, then it might only work for an event or two – not more than that.

If you think you can keep investing in clothes like that, then suit yourself. Overall, it’s not the top choice of people who prefer class over everything.


Coming at cheaper prices, it’s not the right choice for fashion lovers with an immense taste for class. In case you have a restricted budget, then H&M can work fine for you. However, all of their suiting clothing items including the premium options are a simple no-no.

In case you’re looking for something that has a classic vibe to it, then H&M is not for you. Although you can get a few blazers from there to match with a few of your tees for an informal look. Won’t look that bad, right?

Spier & Mackay

A brand from Canada, which offers value, but not might be as good as Tom Ford or other brands. You can purchase a suit from their store that is made up of decent material in good color, but that’s all to it. It’s not as bad as one might think, but definitely not an option for high-end parties, business meetings, or professional outings. But if you’re looking for something to wear to a party, then these suits are perfect for it.


An inexpensive suit brand, which is a complete no from all. Their jackets come in irregular fittings that are definitely what people want these days. A fashion brand that cannot follow the trend in the market is never the right choice unless you agree against it.

If you’re looking for a brand that offers you a classic suit in the price range of Bonobos, then that’s impossible.

Final Words

Finding the right menswear brands is always big trouble, thanks to a huge number of brands in the market. In such a saturated market, anyone can land up buying the wrong suit based on its price. It’s the only reason why price should be kept for last. Quality should always prevail over all other features and that’s because you’re looking for something for the long run.

If you don’t want your suit to lose its touch before even a year, then it’s best to invest in one single suit, then to keep buying one after every few months. If you attend a lot of professional events, then it’s not even an option for you.

Save yourself from the hassle and shop from the best menswear brands for classic and elegant suits. Keep the worst ones in mind too, so you don’t end up shopping from them!


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