Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom


A bathroom renovation can make all the difference in your home. You can use it to unwind and relax after a long day. Bathroom renovations melbourne often take precedence over other projects like the kitchen. Here are some ideas to transform your bathroom.

White oak is a trendy design choice for bathroom renovations:

White oak is a stylish and modern choice for your bathroom. White oak is a North American tree. It grows tall and produces sweet acorns. It is native to Ontario and Minnesota, Quebec, southern Maine, and northern Florida. While similar to red oak, it is different in several ways.

PVC or UFP-Edge shiplap is cheaper and faster to fit than tiling:

In a small bathroom, shiplap is a great solution because it’s easy to fit and will add character to the space. You can choose between two styles: vertical and horizontal. White waterproof paint is best for a clean and simple look. You can also use vertical shiplap to fool the eye. However, it is important to always read the safety guidelines.

Tiles can be costly and may need to be re-grouted after a few months. A cheaper and quicker alternative is PVC or UFP-Edge wall panels, which are waterproof and look stylish.

You can find shiplap ceiling planks online or in stores. Lowe’s Canada offers a price match guarantee as well as free shipping They also sell wall tiles and wainscoting as well as peel and stick vinyl.

Stinkwood, another affordable alternative to tiling, is also available. Stinkwood is more durable than tiling and has a natural finish. You can find different thicknesses for this wall paneling, so you can choose the one that suits your space and budget.

Stone material is a great option if you want to give your bathroom a bold look. It’s usually 2cm thick, but you can get pieces as thin as one inch or three centimeters. It’s a relatively inexpensive option, and it’s waterproof and resistant to mildew. You can save money by building a storage container instead if you are tight on funds. For the assembly, you can use 1×2 wood lengths with pocket-hole screws. Then, you can install minimal shelving.

Bathrooms can be calming with plants:

Plants can enhance the ambiance in your bathroom and can help relieve stress. Plants can not only add greenery but also improve the quality of the bathroom’s air. A houseplant can create a tranquil environment in your bathroom. Because they act as natural fresheners, many plants can improve the quality of your bathroom’s air. Some plants can also produce gel to soothe dry skin.

You can bring in plants to your bathroom, such as peace lilies and serpent plants. These plants are effective air cleaners and do well in low-light and moist environments. If you want to introduce a more natural feel to your bathroom, you should include bamboo or other plants that grow in the natural environment.

A bathroom renovation Thomastown is complete with plants. Depending on your bathroom size and layout, you can choose different types of plants. For example, you could choose ivy which can grow well in low light or humidity. This plant is great for air purification and can be placed in hanging pots near the shower. Orchids thrive in low-light situations and can be purchased.

In addition to plants, you can also use plants as decorative accessories. They not only look great but also improve the air quality of the bathroom. To decorate corners that are small, you can use taller plants. You can also use hanging plants, which are great for small spaces.

Adding built-in storage:

Built-in storage can be a great way to keep your toiletries in close proximity. Depending on the size of your bathroom, a built-in unit can be placed between the mirrors, allowing you to keep your bathroom accessories close by. If you don’t have enough space to install a built-in unit between the mirrors, you can place a niche in the corner.

You can also use a fabric-covered sink cabinet or window seat for storage. It hides unsightly plastic storage containers and adds a soft touch. Another option is to install a narrow shelf over the sink for storage of small items. A small shelf placed above the sink, rather than a traditional cabinet can be a great spot to store small decorative items or vases.

For a rustic look, a wooden crate can be turned into a bathroom shelving unit. You can paint the crate to match your wall. It can also be used as a design element. To keep the room looking rustic, you can use it to hold toiletries or folded hand towels.

Bathrooms can be challenging to renovate. It can be difficult to renovate bathrooms due to limited space. Therefore, it is important that you maximize your space with built-in storage. The right storage solution can make all the difference in the way your bathroom looks and feels.

Add a shower panel:

A shower panel is a great way of giving your bathroom a spa-like feel. This wall covering is a popular choice in Europe and will soon be available in the United States. These panels are different from plastic and white shower surrounds. They feature crisp faux-grout joints and a durable laminate layer over a plywood undersurface.

It is very affordable to add a shower panel. The cost of large panels made from acrylic or fiberglass can be as low as $100 per piece and they are very simple to install. Another inexpensive option is to install a shower curtain. Shower curtains are easy and quick to clean. You can also change the material at any time.

You can also replace your bathroom’s old green striped wallpaper with white tongue and groove wall paneling. You can also replace your carpet with industrial-style, Lino flooring. This is both more attractive and more hygienic.

Another great way to spruce up your shower is to add a bold tile or wallpaper pattern. Bold colors will give your bathroom a dramatic effect, and they can go well with contrasting colors and wallpaper. Choosing a color scheme that goes with all of your bathroom fixtures will help you tie everything together.

Adding a medicine cupboard:

A new bathroom medicine cabinet can make your bathroom more stylish and functional. Most cabinets can be mounted flush or surface-mounted so they can be installed in any way you like. However, you must be prepared to drill more holes into the wall to install a flush-mount medicine cabinet. The process is much simpler than it appears.

First of all, determine what size medicine cabinet you need. The cabinet should be able to fit the vanity. It should be the same width and height as the vanity. Also, think about the height of the faucets or lights. This is important because it will influence the shape and size of the medicine cabinets. It is also important to measure the bathroom space before you go shopping.

Adding a medicine cabinet to your bathroom can increase the value of your home. These cabinets can also improve the functionality of your bathroom. It is important to measure the space you intend to renovate. A medicine cabinet can be overwhelming in a small bathroom. Other bathroom storage options are available if you have concerns about logistics.

An open-shelf is a great option if you don’t have much space in your bathroom. These shelves are great for storing your soaps and lotions. They also look more stylish than a medicine cabinet and are the perfect choice if you don’t have extra closet space.


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