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Basic concepts

The stroller is a big, expensive purchase and there are so many models, it is not surprising that shopping for one makes new parents anxious. The good news: any JPMA certified stroller will do just that. The bad news: you’ll end up buying more than one as your needs change and the first stroller will be worn out. But here are some basics to get you started.

Cut through the jargon. The strollers come with their own tongue. A “stroller” is just another name for the stroller, but it often refers to one in which the child faces you. A “pram” describes old-fashioned strollers (big wheels, fancy canopies) that hold a lying child – they are gutters on wheels and are intended for newborns. A “travel system” is a stroller that comes with a car seat that attaches to it. The baby can walk in the car seat when he is a child and in the seat of the stroller once he is older. “Jogging carts” are three sports wheels with which you can run, although now there are some three-wheeled carts that are not for jogging, only for entertainment. Finally, an ‘umbrella stroller’ is a small, lightweight stroller that is more or less a material skirt on a frame, suitable for a child 6 months or older. It’s the stroller he originally pooh-poohs, but he’ll like it until you have a small baby and you’re tired of lifting, folding, and pushing a little bigger.

You can spend as much or as little as you want. Set a budget before you start – this is an easy way to narrow down your stroller options. Are you going to run into something luxurious in the $ 300 range? Are you going for one of the popular styles between $ 100 and $ 200? Or are you looking for a real deal? There are also strollers with over $ 600, but we assume that they are for royalty, celebrities, and wealthy people who imitate them.

Start with a stroller that fits a newborn. This means one in which the baby can ride lying down or almost flat. We like old-fashioned ferries, but because they are expensive, heavy, and only safe up to the three-month mark, we do not recommend them. A better alternative is one of the “transport systems” sold by some European companies, in which you buy a separate basin that attaches to the trolley frame for the first three months and then uses the trolley seat afterward. But they are also expensive.

The most practical purchase is an ordinary stroller with a seat that folds back so that you can continue to use it upright as the baby grows. You can log on to websites to find out what’s in your price range, but eventually, you should go to a store to test. Consider whether you also want a jogging trolley and/or an umbrella stroller once the baby can sit down (several at the latest), in case you don’t want to exceed this initial purchase.

Important questions

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you check out the trolleys in the store:

Is the handlebar high enough? Take a few strollers for a test press. The most annoying thing when you go for a walk is to push a stroller with handles so low that you have to walk, or so short that you hit the back of the stroller. Look for handles that fit your height and gait.

Where will you put the diaper bag and food? Rarely will you go out just for a walk? You will make commissions or visit friends with an afternoon worth of offer. A basket under the chair is important and some European strollers are missing. (Where do Europeans handle food bags?) Less important, but certainly nice, are the cup holders and storage spaces on the handlebars. You can keep water for yourself, baby pacifiers, and other things at hand. Less and less important are the side pockets – you can easily buy a storage bag to hang from the back of the stroller. But keep in mind that if you hang too much on the stroller, you may lean back.

Can you fold it easily? There may be some families who never fold their strollers. But most parents have to fold them to get them in the car, if not in the house. If you have to leave the stroller on the floor, it is not a slight crease. If the stroller does not lock in the folded position, but instead, the springs open at the slightest challenge, it is not good either. And sometimes it’s too hard to remember which buttons, latches, and bars you use to fold some patterns. Test before you buy and choose one that is easy.

Can you drive him? We have to laugh at the number of strollers called “baby SUVs”. It’s not easy to park an SUV and it’s not easy to pull a huge cart through the aisles of stores. Some barely fit through the store doors. Always test-push a stroller. Can the corners be turned? Do you maneuver in tight spaces? I claim the baby just threw his smart cup on the sidewalk and you have to rotate it around 180 degrees. Easy?

How much does it weigh? The lighter the stroller, the easier it is to push, travel, pack the car, climb the stairs and so on, now there are the super-light ones (£ 8-10), but they are generally umbrella strollers for Older babies A good weight for a newborn stroller is more than 11 to 16 kilograms. Once you reach the heavy ferries, which are – without lies – often more than 40 kilograms, forget about it. A note: Some new parents worry that if a stroller feels light, it is made happily. Not necessarily true; the weight is not equal to the quality.

Can he carry a car seat? Travel systems have become so popular that many strollers now house car seats, even from different manufacturers. This is nice because it’s great to get a sleeping child out of the car and put it right in the stroller. If you know you want a car seat from a certain manufacturer, it’s worth looking at their travel systems. This could be the price of the car/car seat combo cheaper than the sum of the separate parts. Another option is the car seat frame. Snap-N-Go Baby Baby Trend and the Kolcraft car seat frame are ways to put the car seat on wheels, making a lightweight stroller to accommodate a newborn. Get an awning for your car seat and a warm boot to seat your child in if it’s cold and you’re ready.

Does it have the desired functions? Once your child is old enough, it is nice to have the bar in front of the swing open and closed so that he can climb on his own. But if there is no bar, there is probably a snack tray, and they are also beautiful. All good strollers have locking wheels and all have harness straps, but five-point harnesses are considered the safest. Look for a removable seat cushion for easy washing.

We know a lot of parents who, despite all these things, still buy based on a brand name, color, or some other superficial reason, such as the stroller named after a car. So be it – you have to live with it. A better way to choose if you are overwhelmed is to receive a solid recommendation from a trusted friend who has a lifestyle similar to yours.

Specialized trolleys

Joggers: First of all, we don’t recommend them unless you’re actually jogging or recreational walking with one. They look cool, but they are big, heavy, hard to turn, and often impossible to fold. The only reason you may want one from jogging is if you take your child on trails or rough terrain. Because they have large bicycle wheels, joggers give smooth walks over bumps.

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