Aluminium Vs Plastic – Which Type Of Bottle Should You Use For Storing Potable Water?


Even though water forms a major component in our daily lives, toxic materials and bacteria can easily mix with it and make it contaminated. Such is the reason why people filter water to make it pure. Once the filtration process has been completed, water is stored inside a safe container that’s fit for daily usage. In the current market scenario, the popular choices of materials for water bottles include – plastic and aluminium. But, which material is the best when it comes to storing your pure, filtered water? 

We have rounded up the top features for each of these two material types so that you can make the ideal decision of which one you should choose.

Plastic Water Bottles

It should be known that plastic bottles can be of different types. There can be reusable or disposable variants. Moreover, plastic bottles can be made from either low-grade or high-grade plastic components, based on the manufacturer. 

  1. Cost-Effective

According to professional Melbourne water suppliers, one of the greatest features of purchasing plastic bottles is that – they can be found anywhere at budget prices. You don’t have to shell out a lot when it comes to buying plastic water bottles. From travellers to students – everyone loves having access to a plastic bottle.

  1. Zero Metallic Taste

In case you’re using a water bottle that’s made out of metal, then your drinking water will bear a metallic taste. On the other hand, a plastic water bottle will seamlessly retain the original taste of your drinking water, so that you can enjoy it whenever you want. 

  1. Different Sizes & Shapes

There’s no denying that plastic bottles tend to look very attractive and you can find them in different sizes, as per your preferences. You can choose to go with small-sized bottles or proceed to own a cube-sized bottle – it’s all your choice. 

Aluminium Water Bottles

It is said that aluminium is one of the safest metals on the earth’s crust. Aluminium is mostly used for food packaging, such as aluminium foils. Moreover, aluminium is also highly recyclable and can be found abundant on the earth’s crust. Lastly, aluminium bottles tend to be as light as plastic bottles. 

  1. Attractiveness

It should come as no surprise to know that aluminium looks very appealing and stylish. With their metallic look and texture, aluminium water bottles look attractive. Moreover, they maintain their attractiveness over time, unlike plastic which wears out. 

  1. Reusable

Compared to plastic water bottles, aluminium water bottles are safe to reuse. This is because aluminium doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. The manufacturing process of aluminium water bottles is done in a pretty straightforward manner. Moreover, it doesn’t degrade over time, unlike plastic. That means you can proceed to use aluminium water bottles over multiple years. 

  1. Environment Friendly

Compared to plastic, aluminium water bottles can be recycled much easily, thereby moving towards a sustainable future. If you care for the environment, then using aluminium water bottles should be a must for you. 

Whichever type of water bottle you end up choosing, you’ll be good to go either way. At the end of the heyday, we all have our different choices and preferences. And if you want to know more, don’t forget to connect with our in-house experts today. 


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