Advantages of Using Neon Signs

Advantages of Using Neon Signs

Investing in LED Neon Sign will never make you regret. Be it for furnishing your home empty space, a lonely corner, your workplace or for your business. Neon Lights will never be disappointment. They are the great source of attracting people and increase the footfall for your business. For many years, neon signs have been used for decoration and marketing purposes. From businesses to homes, neon signs continue to awe and delight customers until this very day.

Listed below are all the best facts about neon you can trust.

A longer lifespan

LED neon lights have a much longer lifespan than traditional neon lights. An LED sign lasts about 50000 hours on average. Depending on the conditions, you may find that the LED neon’s may need to be replaced once every 34 years under certain circumstances if you divide those hours by your daily usage. Comparatively speaking, that’s an almost unbeatable advantage.

Low Energy Consumption

Utilizing energy-saving products has steadily grown in popularity in recent years. Considering that neon is among the most abundant elements on earth, neon signs require only relatively low amounts of energy. LED Neon Sign consumes a lower amount of energy than glass signage due to its high efficiency. In result, it saves your electricity cost. Further, reducing energy costs and increasing efficiency can be achieved by adding dimmers to neon signs. These are best for businesses who lit the LED Light whole night because these lights don’t use much energy also, don’t get heat like glass neon lights. Therefore, there are hardly any risks of burning.

High visibility

Due to their ability to make a strong statement, LED Neon Lights are popular with consumers. The brightness of neon signs is 360-degrees, which sets it apart from other lights and signs. Hence, it’s possible to see them at great distances. Based on the size of the sign, you will be able to see your sign from a certain distance. Generally, your sign will be visible from more than 30 feet away for every inch of letter height. It is possible to see larger signs from over 100 feet away.

More Design Freedom

Neon signs offer a number of advantages, including the fact that they are highly customizable. Neon signs are hand-built by using fire to bend glass tubes that can then shaped into almost any shape. Expert glass benders can create a wide variety of custom neon signs to help businesses fit their image and aesthetic. Neon signs are also available in several colors, each offering a distinctive look and feel. Every LED neon sign is unique and personalized for each customer, unlike other lighting options that are often mass-produced and offer limited customization. Fill the form and get a Neon Sign for your business from Neon Attack.

Compelling appearance

When it comes to keeping fluorescent signs lit fully and with consistent brightness, fluorescent signage has a tendency to be difficult to maintain. In some cases, these neon signs make it seem as if one light or another always needs replacing. It is sometimes apparent that lights are dimmer than others. The sign as well as your business left with a poor impression when this happens. Additionally, it is hard to read your logo or message. This problem can be mitigated with LED lights. Logo Neon Sign that is kept up to date with advanced technology looks uniform and illuminated.

Different Sizes and Colors

Online Neon Sign Makers like, Neon Attack gives various color options for your Customize Neon Sign. Depending upon the background, it is recommended to use a contrast color for your sign.

Three different sizes are available. According to the space you have, a small neon sign will not look at large space and a big neon sign will not look at small place. Always choose a size which won’t look congested at a small place or too small at a big space.

Environment friendly

LED Neon Signs typically consume only 20 percent more energy than other lights. As a result, energy standards will be stricter and the environment will be less stressed. The biggest benefit is that your lighting costs significantly reduce. Mercury and argon are among the toxic gases in fluorescent lights. This makes recycling those lights almost impossible compared to LED signs, where you do not have this problem.

Low maintenance

With LEDs’ long lifespans and even brightness and efficiency, it’s easy to see why LED signs require so little maintenance. There is no gas or glass tube inside LEDs, which can break or leak. Another advantage of LED signs is that they have no hot tub, which is easy to clean. LEDs are suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. You don’t need to protect them from the elements if you keep them outside. Logo Neon Signs that are waterproof can be used in humid and extremely hot environments. Overall, LED signage convinces with its ease of installation.

First impressions count

When was the last time you drove past a business and saw just a plain text-only sign, perhaps with some basic colors? Is there any store or business without a logo? When was the last time you saw a vinyl banner blowing in the wind? Signs made of neon can be customized in any colors, shapes, and sizes. When you display your business as a work of art, the quality and caliber of your business will become obvious to customers and prospects before they step foot inside. Depending on the circumstances, it may even take place before they even get out of the car.

To Conclude

You should know the utility before you buy a Customized Neon Sign. These are suitable for all the occasion, place, and event. These are costly, so It is important to consider the given variables when selecting the correct unit. The greater the number of LEDs in the sign, the more expensive it is. Make sure you watch out for sales reps when buying. If your budget is limited, then you should buy a unit that adequately meets your needs and is within your budget. Neon lights sound interesting, want to try? Visit Neon Attack.


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