A great way to save space is to purchase a stairway bunk bed

bunk beds with stairs

A great way to save space and create more storage is to purchase a stairway bunk bed. These beds have drawers built into the steps and feature a convenient way to store your stuff. You can buy a stairway bunk bed in a variety of finishes, including dark cherry or white. Many models have under-bed storage and are available with a twin trundle. The stairs are installed on either side, making it easy to add additional storage space.

A stairway bunk bed has two levels, with the top level fitting a twin mattress and the bottom one accommodating a full-size mattress. These beds are great for sleeping children, pets, or anyone who might be unable to reach the top bunk. Some even have a bookshelf on the stairway. Stairway bunk beds are extremely useful for accommodating guests and providing additional storage space. These beds can save you space and help you maximize your space in the bedroom.

A stairway bunk bed can also be separated into two separate twin-size beds

The top bunk will feature rounded edges, while the bottom one is 11 inches off the floor. A built-in stairway will be easier for small children to use than a ladder. A built-in stairway will also provide additional storage space. Whether you’re buying a double bunk beds with stairs storage, or a traditional one, you’ll find plenty of options to fit your needs.

The stairway is an easy, safe way to add extra storage space to your child’s bedroom. Stairway storage for double bunk beds is a great way to make the space look larger and provide extra space. In addition to adding storage, these beds can also be used as play areas or desks. Whether your child’s room is big or small, a double bunk bed can help maximize the use of space and provide a comfortable sleeping area.

Built-in trundle

If you’re considering a built-in trundle for your double bunk bed, you’ll be pleased to learn that these beds are available in many styles and materials. Pop-up frames are made of metal and have latches on the sides that release when the bed is folded down. They’re the most popular kind of trundle for double bunk beds with storage because they come with storage drawers underneath, as well as a slatted wooden mattress. Pop-up frames are often called “roll-away” beds, and some models look more like a traditional cot. Regardless of the style, pop-up frames are still considered trundles.

bunk beds with stairs

Another advantage of built-in trundle for double bunks with storage is that they’re easy to conceal. Because they aren’t permanently fixed, they can easily be removed and replaced, and they’re much more aesthetically pleasing. But the downside is that they’re not designed for everyday use – they can easily be worn out and thrown out. That said, the added storage space in a built-in trundle is worth the extra space.

Double bunk beds with storage are an excellent choice for kids’ bedrooms

They help save space, and come with built-in storage for clothes and toys. The lower bunk can be smaller than the upper, but depending on the style, it can vary in size. Some of these beds even have a built-in trundle underneath to provide additional sleeping space for a child. This design is particularly attractive in high-ceilinged rooms.

A built-in trundle allows you to create extra sleeping space in your room without sacrificing much floor space. The trundle is conveniently rolled out when not in use, and only takes up a small portion of the space underneath the parent bed. Various styles and materials are available for trundle beds, from small pop-ups to big, stacked beds.


A double bunk bed with storage is a great choice for small or tight spaces. A double bunk bed offers plenty of storage space for the kids’ essentials, making it easy to store all of the things needed for a great night’s sleep. Its on-top design also saves space because it can be tucked away in a corner. And, the space that would otherwise be used for one bed can be used for two, eliminating awkward situations.

Although most people picture bunk beds as two twin beds stacked on top of each other, there are many different options for the design of these beds. Some have a lofted bed over the desk, while others feature a third pull-out trundle bed underneath. Before you shop, consider how many beds you need in the room. For example, you may only need one bunk bed for your youngest child, but you might also need two if you have teenagers or frequent houseguests.

Besides being functional

double bunk beds with storage are also available with a mini-wardrobe and plenty of other storage space. Some models are even offered by leading brands and are top-notch furniture. To make the right choice for your children, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when shopping. And finally, it is imperative to check the safety features. Make sure to buy a bunk bed that has a safety rating that matches your budget.

When shopping for a double bunk bed with storage, remember to consider the style and finish. Metal and wood are both durable and decorative. They range in price from $50 to $4000. While wooden and metal bunk beds are the most expensive, you can easily find a quality product at the right price. The best thing about double bunk beds with storage is that they are versatile enough to fit into any room. And, as an added bonus, you can use them as a sofa bed when necessary.


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