A Buyer’s Guide to Bath Panel UK

bath panel UK

Bath Panel UK

The bath panel UK is an important part of your bathtub installation. If you have finished buying and installing your new bath. There are still many unfinished things. You need something to cover what is under the tub visible to everyone. If you have a look, you will find the floor, pipes, or any plumbing system that is hidden under the bath. To cover it up you need something stylish that is not only durable but look great at the same time. For this purpose, manufactures have designed different types of cladding known as bath panels. So, whenever you install a tub then you will also have to choose an appropriate panel for it. Just like baths, these are also available in a variety of styles and materials. You will have to consider similar things like budget, quality, and ease of installation before buying these products.

bath panel UK

What is Bath Panel UK?

We have discussed a little bit about the bath panel UK that we use for tubs in the bathroom. If we elaborate a bit more then we can say that these are a type of covering or classing that improves the aesthetics of the bathtub. The bathtub depending on the place of installation may have visible sides that may look bad. If you leave these without covering, these will give a sense of incompletion while the pipes under the tub will be the more expose moist, and damp environment.

Are there Different Types of Bath Panel UK?

Just like any other bathroom fittings and fixtures, panels also have different types. You may have to make a choice as per your needs and preference.

  • Standard Panels are the most common design. That you see in most bathtubs. These usually have one side longer front to cover with one or two smaller sizes depending on your need. These can simply be glued to the tub. It is the most economical style that is perfect for straight baths.
  • Curved Panels are designed for round baths. Since baths have different shapes, so a standard panel would not fit well in such situations. For such odd shapes including round curved style bathtubs, you will need this style.
  • Full Panels are suitable for the baths that require cladding for all sides. There are many types of luxurious baths that have different shapes, and you can place them anywhere in the bath like the center, etc. For such bath panel UK s, you will need a panel that covers all sides.

What are the materials for Bath Panel UK?

Bath Panels are made with different types of material. You may find wood panels that have MFC, MDF, etc. This specific artificial wood material is moisture resistant so, it can withstand the moist and humid environment of the bathroom. Other materials include Acrylic which is extensively used for standard panels. It is a lightweight, durable and economical choice. You may also find plastic panels as well which are cheap but not durable in comparison to other choices.

Availability of Different Sizes.

The bath panels are also available in different sizes to complement all sizes of bathtubs. The standard size panels include the front sides range from 1500mm to 1900mm while the other size has the light has 700mm to 800mm. The standard size of a bathtub in UK is 1700mm. You may also adjust these sizes to some extent.

Bath Panel UK at Royal Bathrooms UK

We have a detailed discussion in the previous section about Bath Panel UK. These are available in three main types that are design to complement different styles of baths. In addition to that, we can also choose from different materials that include wood, acrylic, or plastic. This wood is MDF artificial made that is resistant to moisture. While acrylic is another popular material for panels. That is a durable and economical material that is better than others. In case you are looking for cladding for baths, then browse our website for all your needs bathroom fittings and fixtures needs.




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