A Busy Bee’s Guide To Dog Care


Are you guilty that you’re not able to give time for your furry babies?  

We are talking about your dogs! 

 A dog is an enormous responsibility. You have to realise that being a good owner requires a lot of effort, and no, it is not always about feeding the dog.

If you are a busy person, the chances are that you know how to manage time, and that is good news because that means you can manage time for your dog. Moreover, pets can reduce stress- that’s a plus!

We are here to say that don’t give up on your dog. Your dog doesn’t need to be neglected, and we are going to show exactly how. Let’s get the show rolling.

Make A Routine And Stand By It

If you are really busy, you probably know that how important it is to have a routine. If you do not have a timetable, things can go haywire and put a dog to the mix, and that’s well a recipe for disaster! 

Dogs require little- of course, they need love and require food and some exercises and bond with their hooman. You will notice that a dog is very confident when we keep them on a fixed, regular schedule. 

Meet The Basic Needs Of The Dog

Just like you need your food and your regular health checkups, even a dog needs the same. The dog needs regular grooming and healthcare checks, so make your plans; according to that, you can schedule your monthly grooming for your dog and even a veterinary checkup every six months to eight months. 

They require de-worming and flee tablets, so make sure you have a reminder on your phone. To save some time buying supplies, you can order them online. There are various websites from where you can order dog supplies.

Consider A Daycare 

Now you don’t need to be guilty of not having time for a dog; what you can do is find a reputable doggy daycare where your doggo can meet other doggo friends just like him.  

You can drop off your dog at the puppy daycare in Perth on the way to the office. Your dog can play all day while you work and get tired! You can pick your dog up from the daycare centre, and what’s better- you can both crash into bed together!

Hire A Pet Sitter

Yes, while a pet sitter is something new. Many people are away from their homes 11 hours a day. If you are away from home for such a long period, your pets are bound to get bored, and over time they can be depressed. 

Moreover, how can a dog wait for 12 hours to use the loo? It wouldn’t be a pleasant thing for him but rather be inhuman, and while you can have a doggie door in your bathroom, it can just help the dog with the bathroom situation, not loneliness. 

Why not find a pet sitter who can come home and play with your dog. But remember that a pet sitter is not a substitute for YOU. It would help if you had a bond with your dog, a one-on-one connection. It is understandable that you might need extra help, and don’t shy away from it as it is a call for your dog’s best interest.


In the end, what matters is how you care for your dog. You come home, hug your pet tell them how your day was. Play with them if you have a little energy left and see how content they are and the cute smile on both of your faces after. 

These are some ways in which you, as a dog owner, can care for your dog even when you are a busy bee doing all the work. 


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