8 Incredible Resilience Tattoo Ideas to Help You Stay Strong

Resilience Tattoo Ideas

8 Incredible Resilience Tattoo Ideas to Help You Stay Strong

Resilience Tattoo Ideas, Getting a tattoo can be risky business, especially if you’re going to put it on your body where it’s visible to everyone, no matter how in love with the design you are.

But once you find the perfect image, whether it’s one that represents your morals and values or one that pays homage to someone special in your life,

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Here are eight incredible Resilience Tattoo Ideas that will have you ready to take on the world!

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#1: The Compass Rose

Resilience can be symbolized by a compass rose with the two perpendicular lines representing east and west,

the looping vertical line north, and the rotating horizontal line south.

This compass rose can be tattooed anywhere on your body or engraved on an item such as a necklace.

The North Star is also used for navigation at night. What better symbol for endurance than guiding you through life’s darkest times? It provides hope and strength when needed most.

#2: Encircled Rose: A resilient person will have a special skill or talent that helps them keep their head up in difficult situations.

A great way to commemorate this characteristic is by encircling a three-dimensional, colorful design of a single rose inked within the circle of its stem.

#3: Phoenix: The mythical phoenix has been revered since ancient Egyptian times as a powerful image of rebirth and renewal.

The phoenix represents perseverance in the face of adversity; it never gives up until it finds what it needs to rise from its ashes again.

Imagine this representation in full flight against either black or navy blue ink; what could be more inspiring?

#2: The Sword & Shield

I know I’m not that tough. I don’t want to put on a show for people, and be some macho kind of guy.

So sometimes I just want somebody to give me a hug,

or pat me on the back, or something like that. – Michael Jordan

The first tattoo is the shield and sword. This tattoo represents strength.

The shield stands for being protected while the sword means fighting your own battles or taking things head-on with courage.

Sometimes you need both in order to survive.

#3: Lady Courage: Courage is about doing what needs to be done despite the risk, no matter how afraid you are at times.

It’s about holding yourself accountable when others will not, or cannot.

but it doesn’t have power over you unless you let it

—unless you allow it to cripple you and define who you are as a person.

#3: The Feather

A personal favorite of mine is the feather. After all, what’s a more resolute symbol than the legend of a Phoenix rising from the ashes?

Another incredible design option is the tree of life, which symbolizes everlasting growth and change.

Not to mention, getting tattooed with a mantra such as memento mori might be the perfect reminder that this too shall pass.

These tattoos can also help you keep your head up during difficult times. Who knows – they might even motivate you to look on the bright side.

#5: The Inkblot: Often used in psychology,

an inkblot test is designed to reveal aspects of someone’s personality through the interpretation of abstract ink shapes or patterns.

What better way to get in touch with your emotions than by having them permanently etched into your skin? And if it ever feels like you’re drowning in negativity,

just know that there are always other possibilities when you’re open-minded enough to see them!

#4: Hummingbird

The hummingbird is associated with truth, beauty,

hope and optimism. In some cultures, the hummingbird has a spiritual significance as a reminder of how fragile life can be.

The meaning varies depending on what culture you are a part of and what the creator believes about the bird.

For example, some see it as the messenger for God who helps souls ascend into heaven and others say that it’s used to symbolize friendship because it shares nectar with other birds during times of need.

All these meanings inspire protection, confidence, and keep you steadfast on your journey towards strength.

Resilience Tattoo Ideas

#5: Dreamcatcher: Dreamcatchers were originally created by the Ojibwe Native Americans in order to protect sleeping people from nightmares.

They believed that dreams were brought by good spirits but once they reached their destination they became corrupted by evil spirits along the way.

So in order to protect themselves from nightmares, they made dreamcatchers out of willow or maple tree branches and animal sinew or thread.

The holes in a dreamcatcher trap bad dreams while letting good ones pass through. Some Native American tribes believe that if someone holds an item such as feathers or beads when they sleep,

then this person’s guardian spirit will also hold it while watching over them in their sleep – essentially protecting them from nightmares!

#5: A Ribbon with the Word Hope

A ribbon with the word hope is a beautiful way to show that you’re never giving up on what you love.

This image can also symbolize remembrance for loved ones who have passed, which we should all strive for as a reminder of their unconditional love.

The word hope always reminds me of one of my favorite novels from when I was younger, The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

In the story, Sara realizes that no matter how awful life gets, there’s always something worth hoping for and someone out there thinking about her.

I often think back to this quote: And every time she remembered this, she was glad because it made her feel stronger than ever before.

It’s so true that our past experiences shape us into who we are today and gives us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves than ever before.

A quote like this helps motivate me through hard times so I know there are people in my corner rooting for me!


#6: The Phoenix

If you know about a phoenix, you may be looking for something that signifies the qualities of transformation and rise from the ashes.

With their wings made of fire, an iconic phoenix is one of the most stunning pieces in any tattoo collection.

Phoenix tattoos are quite popular because they encompass so many meanings that are relevant to what’s going on in your life.

For example, if you’ve just been through some hardship, like job loss or illness, but you’re taking this as an opportunity for growth,

then this can be a perfect symbol for you! The phoenix should not just be viewed as negative since it also represents joy and contentment.

#7: A Banner of Arms

When looking for a powerful resilience tattoo.

you may find yourself gravitating towards a banner of arms or a breaking wave.

A banner of arms is made up of

2 people’s/figures’ outstretched arms with the other arm overlapping in the center, forming 3 arches.

The hand placement can vary but typically the person in front should be higher and have their palm open towards the other figure.

there are three lines on each side that form one arm’s worth of space from one person to another.

This particular tattoo is often mistaken for holding hands.

But the larger meaning behind it is strengthening your partners and building unity.

#8: The Memorial Tree

On the first year anniversary of a person’s death,

you may want to get a tattoo that is significant. A memorial tree can signify love and remembering someone who has died.

It can be designed with various leaves throughout the trunk,

twigs, and flowers at the top. It can even have names of those loved etched into it.

in this case it would be important for a name of both parents or grandparents to be put on

it as well as their children or grandchildren so that everyone knows how important they are.

Even if you don’t plan on getting a tattoo.

this is still an interesting way to recognize what has happened and celebrate life lost.

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