7 Amazing Benefits Of PRP Facial Treatment?


Facial skin aging is a natural procedure that brings wrinkles, dullness, and fine lines. Though, one cannot stop the aging process determined by Mother Nature. But, it could be delayed to a certain extent. Today, the science of facial rejuvenation has reached an advanced level. Now, there are several treatments available that can make an enormous difference when it comes to skin cleansing and revitalizing. PRP facial is one of those treatments that are gaining utmost popularity among individuals. It offers wonderful benefits by making the facial skin supple, shiny, and beautiful.

What is PRP facial all about?

Well, as a newbie, you might not have insight into the PRP facial benefits. PRP is the acronym for Platelet-rich Plasma. In this process, a dermatologist will draw your blood with the needle. Blood has four components such as red blood cells, white cells, platelet, and plasma. Platelets are said to have natural-healing power that could fuel the growth of new skin cells. It can contribute significantly to repairing the cells by improving collagen production in the skin. So, when the platelets are mixed together with plasma, it creates wonder. The dermatologist will inject platelet-rich plasma into your skin for its rejuvenation and healing.

Here are the seven wonders of PRP that you must know.

1. Boost collagen production

Collagen production is essential to keep the skin youthful and supple for longer. But, it could drastically reduce after the age of 30. However, it reduces due to the natural aging process. But, there may be other skin conditions that could contribute to reducing collagen. Decreased rate of collagen will produce fine lines, wrinkles and can cause skin dryness too. But, thanks to the PRP technology that can restore and reboot collagen production. As the professional inserts platelet-rich plasma into your skin with the needle, it will start producing immediate results. You can notice skin tightening after the treatment, and also it will start healing naturally.

2. Proper moisture and suppleness

Moisture is as important for the skin as food for humans. If the skin moisture is lost, it could lead to itchiness, dryness, and damage. Moisture can also prevent the skin from outside irritants. So, due to pollutants, dust, and sunlight, the facial skin could become dry. It will start appearing dull and mature. PRP therapy can restore the lost skin moisture that will enhance its suppleness and natural resistance power. It will reduce the appearance of skin pores, thus giving you healthy and young skin.

3. Target delicate areas

PRP facial rejuvenation is different from normal facials. It is different because it has the ability to target hard-to-reach areas. The areas under the eyes are delicate as they appear quickly with aged skin. PRP treatment can target such areas quicker than any other treatment. So, when you get it done by a professional, you will get overall results. The skin underneath would not look more aged with this therapy.

4. Fights and eliminate wrinkles

The procedure is really incredible as it can fight the wrinkles naturally and diminish them. You can get a youthful appearance without undergoing any cosmetic procedure that could burn a hole in your pocket. It will recycle the old skin cells and build collagen and elasticity. The procedure works deeper to repair the damaged skin cells and reform them into new ones. After getting the treatment, you can experience tightness in the skin. It would happen when the proper amount of collagen is formed underneath your skin.

5. Radiant appearance

A person with a radiant skin appearance would naturally look good and attractive. Glowing skin is probably the basic desire of every person despite their gender. But, due to stress, pollution, dust, and sunlight, it could lose radiance earlier. Platelet-rich plasma therapy can reverse the appearance of skin from dull to glowing. It is a reliable treatment that is integrated from your own blood. The plasma will quickly spread across your facial skin and start treating it. It would not take any time as the treatment with this therapy is instant. You will find that any facial treatment could not match PRP when it comes to attaining natural-looking results.

6. Safe and reliable treatment

No matter! It is your own preference to get any cosmetic procedure to attain your goals. But, when it comes to safety, you cannot compare the benefit of this treatment to others. It is completely safe than any other cosmetic treatment that won’t produce any visible side effects. The professional will draw your own blood and insert it back mixed with platelets. So, there are no chances of any problem occurrence. The drawn blood will be spun in a device for 5 minutes. It will separate plasma from other particles in the blood. So, it would be inserted back into your skin for natural collagen and elastin production.

7. Longer and realistic results

When a cosmetic treatment is done on the skin, it won’t produce instant results. But, it is not the case with PRP. When you get this treatment, you can immediately feel it on your skin. Yes, you can see real results that will give you the utmost satisfaction. However, to attain full results, you might need to wait for a week. But, instantly, you can experience PRP facial benefits. It is a remarkable microdermabrasion treatment that gives a full return on your investment. Moreover, you will get the long-lasting results than any other anti-aging treatment.

Who is the eligible candidate for PRP?

You might have a doubt in mind that whether you are an eligible PRP candidate? But, it is to inform you that anyone can get this treatment. However, there are several skin conditions that can be treated with this treatment.

· It can treat pigmentation

· It can eliminate acne scars

· It can make skin tight and firm

· It can eliminate dryness from skin

· It brings natural skin toning

· It would reduce or eliminate wrinkles

 The Final Words

There are several PRP facial benefits that one can attain without any flaw. But, it is vital to get it done by a professional to reach the utmost advantage. You can consult with Beverly Hills Med Spa to schedule the PRP facial.


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