5 Types of Car Upgrades That Lessen Its Resale Value


Cars are such an important means of transportation that the absence of them would simply collapse the normal lives of people in no time. There is a section of the population who are completely in love with vehicles and the way they look and function. Car lovers have zillions of ideas in their minds to convert their present vehicle into something different and better functionally and with respect to looks.

 Some modifications like car wraps and body fit protect the vehicle against minor damages but the majority of car upgrades damage a car’s original form, making it unfit for resale or damaging it in some way. Some modifications look nothing less than horrible and should not have been done in the first place like the eyelashes on headlights or underbody neon lights. Here is a list of car upgrades that might look absolutely gorgeous to a car lover but definitely degrade its value.

One of the main disadvantages of installing suspensions is that the vehicle has more chances of hitting the road underside when it bounces during uneven movements. The tires also get worn down unevenly in lowered cars causing uneven patterns on the tires. The suspension can cause erosion of the car parts by coming in contact with them unnecessarily and frequently. During a resale, the potential customers inspect a vehicle for such drastic changes and know buying such a car comes with its own baggage and end up paying less price for the vehicle.

  • Changing the Lights

Installing additional lighting systems in a car might seem to look like a very cool idea. Some people feel it makes it look like a superhero’s car and hence find the idea of installing car lights at various places in a variety of colors really nice. Some lighting systems and colors are harmless and can be installed according to the taste and wish of a client. Installation of such lighting systems should not be against the rules of that place. A car body shop knows the rules of neon lighting installation and will suggest a client against using neon underglow lights which are extremely distracting for drivers on the road during nighttime. Red, green, and yellow lighting is also prohibited. Remove any such systems when preparing for a resale.

  • Increasing the Volume of Exhausts

Such a system seems to be a good idea to catch the attention of people on the road and makes the vehicle look really strong. The idea of a high-volume exhaust system on a car damages its functionality. Buyers understand this and would want to either avoid buying the car or pay way less the market value of the vehicle.

  • Changing the Tyres

The chances of selling a modified car with changed tires to a person with the same tastes is very less. While buying a new car the buyer looks for the conditions of various systems and a damaged or compromised modified tire system is a big reason for them to not like the vehicle.

  • Functionality Enhancing Modifications

Modifications that concentrate on enhancement or change of functionality of cars should be majorly avoided. They have very negative long-term effects on the vehicle which can be irreversible and render the car useless. Such upgrades should be avoided because they can cause serious accidents to the cars.

A car in its original form is the best form. Some upgrades and modifications do seem to be attractive but drastic changes are definitely a problem in the long run. Always take advice from professionals before going for such modifications to check for any negative effects in the near or far future. Some car modifications should also be avoided because they can majorly affect the functionality of a vehicle which can be quite dangerous and can cause tragedies.


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