5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Lips


The lips’ skin is more delicate than the skin that covers your body. It is therefore more prone to cracks and chapping and that’s why it is important to adhere to some lip-care guidelines. They aid in maintaining your lips and help maintain their health.

All girls is a fan of the color of their lips that is lively and bright. However, if your lips aren’t properly cared for and properly, even the brightest shades will appear dull and look unflattering to your lips. Additionally there is no Lip gloss or lipstick or stain for your lips can aid in creating the perfect pout when your lips aren’t in good health.

But what is the reason they dry out and crack? Lips cannot shield themselves from sun’s harsh radiation, particularly in summer due to their lack of oil glands, and have no capacity to make melanin. They suffer from dryness and the chaffing. In winter cold winds leaves your lips dry and chapped. Therefore, regardless of the climate your lips are prone to flaking whenever there is dry wind around , or the harsh sun’s radiation.

I’ll admit that I let myself slip for a while during the wintertime. Despite my best efforts to moisturize my face and hands are dry. I don’t recall the last time I’ve did my nails. The thought of having to go out to the cold after office salon appointments rather than hurry back home in my sweatpants and Netflix account…pass.

However, when it concerns my lips, they will never let my lips down. I hate lips that are dry and cracked. So, I’m sharing with you our most effective tips to have lovely, healthy, and kissable lips, right to be ready in time for Valentine’s Day!


Get rid of dead, dry flake of skin by lightly rubbing your lips using a moist soft brush or washcloth. I apply this about every week, mostly on weekends in the morning when I’m not going outside immediately because it causes my lips to become somewhat sensitive.


In contrast to the other parts part of the skin the lips are more prone to drying out, and turn dry and chapped since they aren’t stocked with oil glands. Drink plenty of water to prevent your lips from drying out, and try to avoid kissing the lips (it took me a long time to stop!) that also depletes your lips of moisture.

Keep your lips moisturized and protected. Lips get a lot sun exposure , especially the lip’s bottom. They are also an area that is often the target to develop skin cancers. Therefore, it’s SUPER crucial that your daytime lipstick contains an SPF of 15 or more sunscreen. Yes, you have to take care to safeguard your lips, as well as your entire skin, even if wear a mask! In the evening, I use moisturizing products to fight dryness that occurs during the night.

Make sure to apply it frequently.

Make sure to apply sun-protective lipstick each two hours particularly after drinking or eating. I find it beneficial keeping my SPF lip balm in a variety of locations. I typically have it on my desk or in my purse on my nightstand and in my bathroom in order to remember to apply it immediately after brushing my teeth. The advantage of this method is that now you can experiment with various brands and products. Be sure to reapply sunscreen-protective lip products twice a day.

Concerning products:

Make sure you’re using appropriate products. Find lipsticks that’ve earned the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Approval. It is a prestigious seal that can only be awarded to products with the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal is only given to sun-protective products that have met the requirements set by the Photobiology Committee (a group of top experts who study how the sun’s effects affect the skin) So you’re guaranteed that if the product you choose has our Seal the lips will be smooth and safe from sun exposure.


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