5 best WooCommerce themes


We took a closer look at the best WooCommerce themes and list our 5 favorites for you. All premium themes come with a perfect WooCommerce integration.

1st place: Kadence Theme

Kadence Shop
Kadence Shop

Although still very young, Kadence is currently one of the most acclaimed WordPress themes on the market. Not without reason, as we think.

Thanks to the many high-quality applications, you can design your website very easily and quickly. It really allows you to design every area of ​​your online shop exactly according to your wishes – without compromises and with just a few clicks.

What features does the new theme bring?


You can easily access the Kadence settings via the customizer in your WordPress admin dashboard. All changes made are display to you in real time, so editing your page is wonderfully easy.
The options allow you to set the header, footer, menu, blog posts, homepage settings and much more.

This theme has an incredible number of setting options and many are actually not common with free themes. Here are two of Kadence’s unique features:

Kadence Header Builder
Kadence Header Builder

Global color palette

Kadence color palettes
Kadence color palettes

The color palettes are the absolute killer feature! You can even put on three at the same time.

This setting saves you a lot of time and helps you to create a harmonious color scheme for your website. Colors no longer have to be adjust individually, instead all elements are coordinat with one another using the select color palette.

If you change the color palette, your entire website adapts accordingly.

WooCommerce features

Kadence Woocommerce Extras
Kadence Woocommerce Extras

Kadence Woocommerce Extras  is a powerful plugin that will add many useful functions to your online shop.

  • Picture gallery with hover picture zoom
  • Individual reminder about products in the shopping cart
  • Advance Reviews is a particularly successful extension to the WooCommerce Review function.
  • Extend product description: Kadence WooCommerce Extras adds another field to the product description.
  • Check-out Manager: Build your own check-out fields and optimize the check-out process of your online shop.
  • Product brands: Kadence now allows you to add brands to your products. Choose between a name or logo and integrate brands into your product filter.


Kandence WordPress Theme is available in different versions, free of charge or as a premium version.
The free version offers many functions, but the WooCommerce extras are only available in the paid version.

The WooCommerce extensions are available as a single plugin or as a premium membership.
The WooCommerce Extras plugin is available for one year starting at $ 35, the premium membership costs $ 169 annually, which gives you full access to all plugins and themes. For us, Kadence is the best WooCommerce theme.

2nd place: Astra Theme

Astra shop template
Astra shop template

The Astra theme is very suitable for almost every website, but it is undoubtedly one of the best themes for starting a WooCommerce shop. It is not only one of the fastest themes for WordPress, it is also convincing with its simple operation and extensive functions. Astra for WooCommerce enables extensive personalization of your online shop without any programming.

In contrast to many other themes, Astra does not include its own page builder, but its structure optimally supports the use of external page builders such as  Elementor  or  Beaver Builder .

The Astra theme is offer as a  free  version and a  pro version  with interesting extensions. Both versions are highly recommend for use with WooCommerce. Astra was developed to help your shop achieve more conversions and better sales. With a fast loading time and extensive features, it does just that very well.

Online shops need a theme that is both secure and at the same time compatible with the huge range of WooCommerce plugins. With Astra you get a fast, slim and secure theme that will meet all the requirements of a modern online shop and give you the freedom to design it exactly the way you like it.


Astra WooCommerce settings
Astra WooCommerce settings

Astra works very closely with WordPress, so most of the settings are integrate in the WP Customizer. This makes it particularly easy to use and you don’t need any special knowledge or a long training period to find your way around the theme.

The most important design options for WooCommerce can therefore be found in the WordPress Customizer menu.

All adjustments and changes are immediately displayed here, and there are very many. The design of the shop is therefore wonderfully easy and quick using the usual Astra drag-and-drop method.

Let’s take a closer look at the WooCommerce setting options for the Atra theme.

We differentiate here between the free functions that help you set up the basic functions of an online shop and the extend pro features.


  • Settings for the  page structure  such as width, number of products per page or product layout
  • Upsell function in the shopping cart: A particularly nice feature to suggest suitable products to the customer in the shopping cart. That encourages you to continue shopping.
  • Shopping cart symbol in the main menu

The Pro version goes a considerable step further and offers countless setting options with which you can make your shop not only functional, but also unique. With the Pro version of Astra you can personalize almost every area of ​​your shop.

We will only go into a few important functions in order not to go beyond the scope.

  • Notification of offers
    Automatically informs your customers about sales and offers. This notification can of course also be customize.
  • Custom CSS File
    For faster loading times.
  • Shopping cart symbol in the main menu
    A quick and easy check-out is particularly important for online shops and prevents shopping carts from being abandone. With Astra Prime, the cart button can be  inserted as a dropdown in the main menu  , which shows the items in the shopping cart and the purchase value. The symbol can of course also be customize.
  • Infinite scrolling –  all products on one page
    Astra Theme also helps you to design the category and product detail pages of your shop. In addition to the countless design options, a so-called ” Infinite Scroll Effect ” – the infinite scrolling – can also be added. Now the customer can scroll down a page and see all the products on a page one after the other without another click.
  • Templates
    All of these setting options can cause confusion, especially at the beginning. Astra has set up preset templates for this case. Ready-made online stores can be complete with just a few clicks. The starter templates are ideal for getting start and can be adapt at any time. Download the appropriate templates for the various page builders, or these for the WordPress Gutenberg editor .


The Astra Theme comes in different price categories. The free version offers basic functions, the pro version is suitable for a single page, while the top version for agencies offers several shops and 55+ starter templates.

The Pro version is completely sufficient for normal users . You can choose between an annual and a lifelong package.

In contrast to other themes, there is not only the option to purchase the WooCommerce upgrade, but only the entire Astra Pro package. The annual Astra Pro license starts at $ 59 and a lifetime license costs $ 249.

3rd place: Divi Theme

Divi WooCommerce Shop
Divi WooCommerce Shop

Divi is one of the most popular  page builders  for WordPress around. With the flagship of  Elegant Themes you can create modern websites with the visual drag-and-drop page builder without having to access the code. Divi is suitable for creating any kind of website, but because creating an online shop has its own requirements, Divi has develope its own  eCommerce builder , WooBuilder  .

With the  Divi WooCommerce modules  , WooCommerce elements can be easily edit with the Divi Builder .

These modules allow you to transfer the extensive setting options from Divi to your WooCommerce shop.


Divi WooCommerce modules
Divi WooCommerce modules

Divi’s Woo modules work seamlessly with WooCommerce, the structure is also very similar, which makes it easy for beginners to find their way around the Divi theme.

  • 20 pre-made templates in 7-8 different designs each. This results in an impressive 150 ready-made templates.
    If you don’t want to create your shop from scratch, you will surely find what you are looking for among the many attractive templates. These can then of course be adapted as require.
  • Drag-and-drop visual editor
  • Simple design of the e-shop with several rows, columns and content.
  • Optimize for mobile devices
  • Live preview of all changes made
  • A / B tests
  • 16 Divi modules for WooCommerce


The price-performance ratio of Divi is convincing. Because Divi is a really successful and comprehensive tool suitable for beginners through to experience online shop operators.

In order to install the Divi Theme, one must first purchase the membership with Elegant-Themes . After that, all themes from the well-known manufacturer can be used. Here, too, there is a choice between an annual license or a lifetime membership. The WooCommerce Builder is integrate. The price for one year is $ 89 and lifetime access is $ 249.

4th place: Storefront Theme

Storefront WooCommerce Theme
Storefront WooCommerce Theme

Storefront  is the official theme for WooCommerce in WordPress. The free theme has everything you need to create a fully functional, albeit simple, online store.

Compared to the topics present above, WooCommerce Storefront  has been developed and design exclusively for online shops.

The free WordPress theme Storefront is very specialize because it was specially develope for WooCommerce. It certainly fulfills its purpose for setting up a simple online shop and allows the personalization of basic settings in the shop. If you place higher demands on your shop and want to align and design it fundamentally to your needs, you are better advise with one of the premium themes mention above.

Storefront extensions

We find the simple upgrade of the theme using plugins particularly practical  . A large number of various extensions / extensions are available for download in the WordPress plugin store for storefront.

Would you like to change your footer, add a navigation or change the styling? No problem with the help of the appropriate plugins, this is very easy. The advantage: You don’t have to spend a long time familiarizing yourself with the functions and setting options, because the slim theme only contains the settings that you need.

Examples of storefront plugins:

  • Storefront Pricing Table
  •  Review
  •  footer builder
  •  Wishlist
  •  Product Sharing

The extensions / plugins are partly chargeable. The advantage is that you really only pay for the functions that you actually need, because you can purchase single plugins for different extensions individually.

5th place: Flatsome Theme

Flatsome WooCommerce Theme
Flatsome WooCommerce Theme

Even if Flatsome is market as a multi-purpose theme, its focus is very much on eCommerce and creating online shops. This makes the theme particularly interesting for WooCommerce users.

Flatsome has a strong sales focus . It offers extensive functions that are particularly important for online shops and that will help you to increase the conversion rate and thus your sales.

WooCommerce features

Flatsome elements
Flatsome elements

The WooCommerce functions are extremely extensive.
Flatsome offers many features for the conversion optimization of your shop:

  • Design your own checkout pages and product pages
  • Live search
  • Quick view in category page – saves having to load product pages
  • Marking products on offer
  • Shortcut to the shopping cart – faster check-out
  • Wish list support
  • Various filter options
  • “Make an inquiry about the product”
  • QuickZoom for product images
  • Possibility for affiliate links

Conclusion – best WooCommerce theme

All of the themes we introduce offer a great basis for your WooCommerce shop. The question is which theme is best for you. Depending on your previous knowledge and the demands on your WooCommerce shop, you should make your decision.

Storefront is the cheapest option in our test. This WooCommerce theme is beginner-friendly, slim and easy to use, but this advantage comes at the expense of the individual design options for your shop.


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