5 Best Things to Do for Christmas in London

Christmas in London
Christmas in London

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. That is why travelers make travel plans during the holiday season. From glittering Christmas lights and ice skating to exploring Christmas markets, there is so much to do in this season. While in London, tourists can witness the gorgeous festival decorations, join the parade, sing the festive song, and exchange gifts. 

If you are planning a trip, then learn about the five things to do for Christmas in London.

Ice Skating at the Natural History Museum, London

London is home to plenty of ice skating rinks, but the Natural History Museum is the most beautiful place. It offers jaw-dropping scenery of the historical building, and here you will see a big Christmas tree of 30 feet. Moreover, it features charming cafes serving hot chocolate, cake, prosecco, and cream teams. 

If you don’t want to join the snow adventure, witness the captivating glimpses of the viewing platform. The site’s opening time is from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm every day, except on Christmas until January. Most airlines, including Aeromexico flag carriers, launch festive discounts on popular domestic and international routes. Read about the Aeromexico change flight policy requirements on the official site and avail the flexible change facility when required. 

Visit the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland was built in 2007, and it is well-known for hosting Christmas and other festive events. Every year millions of travelers plan a trip here and take a tour of the capital and its major landmarks. Winter Wonderland runs from mid-November to early January, featuring holiday markets over 1000 ridges, a massive wheel, and live shows. 


In addition, do figure skating, watch a circus show, visit bars and restaurants and watch live music events. If you want to drink in a fun place, check out the Winter Wonderland bar, where chairs, tables, and glasses are made of ice. 

Drink coffee at Elan Cafe 

There is no shortage of fun and cute cafes in London, including Elan Cafe, widely popular for its coffee. Moreover, you can find an incredible pink Christmas tree in St. Pancras International Station. It is believed that the special “tree of hope” spells a magical pink glow and enhances the overall outlook. The tree is decorated along with 1200 meters of holiday ribbon with love and hope quotes from the team members. In addition, tourists can take the station tour and see the menu options from the cafe in the Arcade. 

Enjoy fine dining at Mayfair in London

London is a notable vacation destination famous for its fabulous and charming cafes and restaurants. Mayfair is one of the most quirky areas to enjoy fine dining in the magical city at Christmas. Moreover, the festive exposure features 14,000 decorations, 8400 lit baubles covering each inch of the walls and ceilings. The food menu includes Japanese Wagyu fillet steak, white truffle, fontina pizzas, Peking duck, and pancakes. 

Explore the winter markets at the Southern Centre in London

Christmas is the best time to explore the festive markets and buy traditional things while leaving the city. The Southbank’s Centre’s Winter Market transforms the neighboring areas into a paradise and brings warmth and wintry nights. Moreover, it is a place to find special mulled wine, handmade gifts, and cinnamon treats during the holidays in London. If you have reserved Air Canada tickets and now want to make changes in your itinerary, visit its official site. Get to know about the Air Canada change flight policy requirements and call the team for further assistance. 


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