3D Car Drawing Doesn’t have to be hard Read those tips

3d Drawing


3d Car Drawing

The 3d Drawing will be very useful to Manufactures. This new tutorial will show you how to draw a car easily and quickly in 3D. We have shown you how to draw Lamborghini, Ferrari, police cars, and many other makes of cars and motorcycles. With us, no need to know how to draw. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert, you are welcome and love this little tutorial.

What you will need to draw your car:

A4 sheet of paper

A pencil (colored pencils, markers, brushes)


A ruler

Step 1: Draw the body.

To easily draw a car, you first have to do the bodywork, which is the most expensive part of the whole car. With the help of very coarse and neglected lines, outline the contours of the future automobile—the contours of the hood, roof, windows, and windshield. You can also learn about spiderman Drawing

Step 2: Support the contours of the body.

The embodiment of the future car is mapped, and now we will gradually add car parts, starting with the most visible and necessary. Using harsh lines, draw the headlights, grille, bumper, and wheels. There is an endless number of cars in the world, and new ones appear every year, and these parts are very different for each of them.

Step 3: Draw the tires and mirrors.

Now using a few simple circles, make the tires bulky and draw the arches. To make the car look more powerful and aggressive, make the tires bigger and raise the arches. Then remove the line for the windows and mirrors, which also differ depending on the model.

Step 4: Add the rims and grille

Step by step, our car drawing becomes more realistic. We keep adding details. In this step, we add the rims and the lower segments of the grille. By increasing the size of the edges, you can also make your car more aggressive. Add the lines for the door and go to the next step.

Step 5: Support the details of the rims and windows.

The appearance of a car largely depends on the rims:

  1. With simple ovals, mark the mid of the boundaries.
  2. With light, create the outlines of the spokes that go from the center to the edges.
  3. Indicate the windows, and represent the handles and the license plate at the front to personalize.

Step 6: Draw the entire grille and headlights.

The sketch of the car is ready. From the sixth step, we will use clear final lines for the detailed drawing of the automobile. Starting at the front, gently outline the grille, headlights, and hood. As you may have noticed, we show how to draw a car on the example of the Audi A7, but by slightly changing the parts, you can remove any vehicle. Indeed, drawing a Jaguar, Aston Martin, or even a Ford will be much easier for you. Vippost

Step 7: Draw the roof.

Let’s go to the top of the automobile. With smooth lines, draw the roof extending to the rear, the windows, and the mirrors. Pull the top lower and the window line narrower if you want to give your sports car an even more tuned look. You might come across similar vehicles like the Lamborghini Aventador, the Ferrari 458 Italia, or the Mustang GT.

Step 8: Draw the doors and handles

 That is a rather difficult stage, where we have to represent the arches of the car. They should be the most regular and smooth. Then you have to trace the outline of the doors and the handles of the vehicle. Use an eraser to remove all unnecessary auxiliary lines from the car body. To make the drawing of the car more detailed and realistic, add some decorative lines to the body.

Step 9: Erase unnecessary lines.

Now it’s the turn to represent the wheels of your luxury car: Very carefully trace the large tires and the edges of the rims. Draw the boundaries, observe proportionality, and make the spokes look nice and smooth.

Remove all unnecessary indications from the drawing of the car before proceeding with the final touch-ups.

Step 10: Add the shadows

For your sports sedan to look voluminous and complete, we will need to add some shadows. Start by tracing the outlines of the shadows, then fill the shapes with hatching to bring out the car’s proportions. Although Glare from headlights and windows, as well as the shadow cast on the vehicle itself, will make your automotive image—more real.


Add color to your drawing!

Now all you have to do is add color to your masterpiece. Remember during this step. Imagination is the only limit. However, We Think like an automotive designer. Your racing car can be any color. You can color it or paint it. So Do not hesitate to mix the colors to make it even more realistic.

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We had a great time and enjoyed learning to draw with us. Although You now know how to draw 3D cars. If you want to learn more about different car designs, feel free to check out our other drawing tutorials on 3d Drawing. However, We publish a drawing tutorial every week. In the next episode, you can find out how to draw a convertible Mercedes SUV.


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