14 Latest Home Decoration Trends in the UK

Home Decoration Trends

Are you looking for the latest home decoration trends in the UK? If yes, this blog post is for you to know the stylish trends to refresh your home. A new year begins, and just as you would renew your clothes with new accessories. These new add-ons include Ikea coat hooks, door knobs, hooks for keys, and several others. As you know, with new season fashion trends, and emerging home decoration trends. These trends lure us to refresh our houses rather than completely redesign them. You can explore the patterns becoming more natural in their patterns and forms.

Home Decor Trends in the UK

  1. Reconsidering Ceramic Plates as a Decorative Item

As the year passes, wall decor is constantly changing. While building picture walls is still a trendy trend, homeowners are reconsidering the usage of ceramic plates as wall art. Ceramic plates are often mixed and matched with large canvas pieces, plants, and photo frames. Using them is a fantastic way to bring personality and a sense of whimsy to your walls.

  1. Matching the Colour of your Radiator

A radiator is a utilitarian component you can blend in with the rest of the interior. So, painting it with the same colour as your walls is a simple and effective way to make it less noticeable. Check out this radiator painting method to convert it into a project.

In case you realise that the centre of your living room appears to be vacant, use a coffee table. When you wish to lounge or need extra seating, these can be accessorised with elegant blankets. Furthermore, other soft furnishings are more likely to be used than a coffee table.

  1. Producing Artistic Effects

This style of wall decorating is gaining popularity. This impressionist style gives a dash of colour, appears simple yet sophisticated, and quickly inspires you. In addition, doodles, splatters, inkblots, and random brush strokes are the most popular wallpaper ideas.

  1. Using Ultraviolet Light

When it comes to strong colour selections, ultra violet is in trend this season. Ultraviolet, appears lux, adding a royal touch to the room without sacrificing the cosy vibe. It’s a popular colour for upholstery, wall paint, bedding, area rugs, and curtains.

  1. Making use of Recycled Materials

Homeowners all across the world are embracing more environmentally friendly ways of living and decorating their homes. As a result, it’s no wonder that reused materials are becoming popular. Whether it’s brick, wood, metal fixtures, or ceramic tiles, using reused materials. 

These materials can help greatly reduce energy usage, natural material use, and building industry pollution. For this, you need to check out high-quality materials for your home.

  1. Use Ladder Desks to Save Space

One of the UK’s favourite DIY projects is converting a ladder into a working station, which is especially popular for tiny areas. A ladder desk decorated with plants, office supplies, pinboards, and other decorative components is a lovely way to create work space. With the advent of remote working and freelancing, this trend makes perfect sense.

  1. Decorating with Eye-Catching Designs

You can check the simple geometric designs in bold colours. They can radically change the atmosphere and appearance of your house. You will like this style, whether you choose a patterned area rug, or add geometric patterns to your walls. You can even exhibit them as wall art, or do all of the above. 

  1. Putting in Copper Bathtubs

A copper bathtub offers an earthy sense to a bathroom when combined with huge green tiles. Otherwise, clean lines and white baths are unlikely to go out of style. So, adding more personality and variation to bathroom decor is becoming increasingly popular among Pinners.

  1. Using Concrete as Inspiration for Kitchen Design

Concrete is extremely long-lasting, simple to maintain, environmentally friendly, and adaptable. On an aesthetic level, its robust, harsh appearance and feel are appealing. Especially, when balanced out with softer materials such as wood and carpets and punctuated with plants.

  1. A Green Sea

Green tones have the strongest and most immediate relationship with nature. This factor makes them one of the most obvious choices for interior design trends in 2022. If we talk specifically, green fits in well with the overarching trend of biophilic design in the home. It establishes a connection to nature indoors that can help replicate some of the health. In other words, it offers the mood-boosting characteristics of spending time in nature.

  1. Ceiling Paintings

If you think about the paintings, they will become a popular interior design trend again in 2023. In this trend, painting a room is what Homes & Gardens magazine refers to as “colour drenching”. Using this technique, you can select one colour and paint it across several surfaces in one location.

  1. Archways

Curved lines have been a popular interior design trend for several years. But designers make the arched forms that have become popular in architectural design. In addition, particularly as modern house addition ideas. Arches are poised to have an impact on every level of home decoration architecture. This will range from barrel vaulted roofs to windows and even doorways.

  1. Cottage Care

This may be a new term to you, but this trend is to be embraced in 2022. Cottagecore includes romantic rural life with traditional principles, home-grown, and artisan. In this way, created objects are the basics of creating an idyllic, pastoral vibe. 

This style is naturally associated with rural homes. There are features that can be incorporated into even the most urban properties. This will provide a link with the simpler side of life that helps you feel anchored in your home.

  1. Furniture

Characterful furniture with a unique design is an excellent approach. These designs are able to create a space that feels cosy and lived-in, as opposed to a lifeless display home. Moreover, finding appealing older furniture may be accomplished through a variety of methods. These are ranging from scouring online marketplaces to investing in gorgeous antiques. 

15. Natural Textures And Materials

Embrace leisurely life by bringing the raw simplicity and sensory serenity of nature into your home with honest materials and tactile textures in a peaceful neutral hue. This conscious home trend is balanced, calculated, and sensory stimulating, and it is also one of the most important living room trends of 2023.

Everlasting dried flowers and coloured and dried grasses continue to be popular decorative elements, functioning in tandem with fresh and imitation house plants to blur the lines between outside and inside living.

‘We will witness a surge in the use of natural materials in 2023, from home decoration components to furniture itself.’ We’ll also see more peaceful, nature-inspired hues and textures, particularly in common spaces like the living room.

Final Thoughts

We hope you find the content useful while decorating your home using the latest trend. The new trend for three-dimensional, vertical designs ensures that interiors will stand out in 2022. They are from kitchen cabinets to statement headboards. These ideas can also help to zone your area and modify your room’s sense of scale. The unique shape of slatted patterns of ikea coat hooks, shelf brackets, hooks for keys, and many more with useful features. Earthy textures, organic natural shapes, raw materials, and vegetation will all serve as grounding factors for the home’s design endurance.

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