12 Most Annoying Beauty Problems All Women Face and How To Fix Them

12 Most Annoying Beauty Problems All Women Face and How To Fix Them

A famous quote from a person has said, “Lipstick can’t solve all issues, but it’s a good starting point!” and it’s so true! It’s supposed to be free of stress, but nowadays everything seems simple, particularly when you’re faced with an excessive growth of your face and breakouts of acne appearing each and every day. However, look at my gorgeous faces! Some problems that do not appear in the light of day can last forever, you’ll notice. Like there is an answer to every issue there are solutions and remedies to your daily struggle with facial hair, acne and hair fall. In this article we’ll list the Most Repetitive Beauty Issues Women face and the best ways to Resolve They.

It is our opinion that, although beauty is all about skin. And we all require extra care in order to enhance ourselves. And highlighting our finest characteristics and features. It’s true that beauty can be fleeting and we must strive for it to keep the qualities we already have or want to achieve. We learn by trial and error.

Other times we are able to know the right way to go as everything else seems to be in place. What happens when we’re slammed by problems that take us to the point of anger and frustration? It is time to make a cup tea (or green tea, should you want) relax, take a seat and unwind and take a deep breath and figure out a way to keep these issues away from our reach at the very minimum!

1. Ingrown Hair:

Have you ever noticed tiny hair trapped in an incredibly thin skin layer that isn’t able to be trimmed with Rica waxing, or even with one of the highest-priced razors? Instead of scratching at your skin using your nails to remove them, you should begin cleansing your skin every day using a loofah in order to remove hair. Thus, the hair will be removed easily from your skin.

They can be quite uncomfortable and post wax, if you spot those bumps, manually rubbing at them is likely to cause skin redness. Body scrubs aren’t always effective to eliminate hair that has grown. Therefore, grab a rough loofah that will scrub your skin, and you can let go of these. Make sure to do this every day to avoid hair growth that is ingrown and, ideally, prior to your next wax.

Also, try getting access to glycolic acid-based products as well as scrubs. They are an effective exfoliant which helps to remove dead skin and thus reduces the likelihood of developing hair ingrown.

2. Discoloration of clothing Caused by Deodorants

Are you aware that, after applying the deodorant spray even when you’re wearing dark clothes, there are horrible white stains appear all over? Now, when you’re rushing out of the house and don’t want to change your top, all you need to do is grab a pair of nylon stockings/tights/pantyhose and rub over the white stains and it will come right off. Voila!

3. Mascara that clumps up eyelashes When you’re stressed

your mascara will always fail you, clumping up your eyelashes, making them look spidery rather than creating a fluttery appearance. It’s not necessary to have your lashes appearing like spiders, do you? The one thing you do not want to do is to clean off the mascara and cause damage to your eye makeup process.

If you’ve used a handful of coats of mascara and it appears clumpy, apply a small amount of moisturizer on the mascara-coated lashes then comb them through using an eyelash brush. If you don’t own one, grab the mascara wand dry and rub it over.

They will fall off quickly, while your other makeup remains in tact. To avoid this occurring every time you curl your lashes beginning at the bottom of your lashes, and then move your mascara wand towards the tips to make sure the hair strands don’t stuck together and aren’t bumpy. When you wiggle the brush or wand you’re actually breaking the lashes. Make sure to brush every coat.

4. Nails that are yellow No matter if your nails are long, short long, pointed, or square,

everyone likes to style them by applying nail polish. With the myriad of sparkling and bright colors that are available it’s difficult to stay away from dark hues particularly reds or corals, as well as oranges as well as blacks.

Although we would like to switch the colors depending on our outfits. But the drawback of always using polishes is it leaves an unappealing yellow stain. Exposed nails with yellow stains can be embarrassing as well as unhealthful for your nails. To get rid of these stainings, make the paste with baking soda with lemon, and apply it to your nails. Then, gently scrub your nails with an old brush.

Repeat this procedure until the stain fades away and reveal your white nails over time. Baking soda and lemons have bleaching properties that can aid in removing the stain. Baking soda can also act as an exfoliant. To stop it from happening over and over again, ensure some days or weeks between polish application to allow the nails to breathe. Then apply an opaque coat prior to the darker shades.

5. Unpleasant and dull skin

It doesn’t matter what your skin type there are occasions when the skin just won’t awake and appears lifeless and dull. If we are required to go to a place, we are aware that even makeup can’t disguise the tired skin underneath. So, what can we do? For a quick and effective skin refresh put on a small amount of granulated scrub, then scrub with circular movements.

The massage will awaken the skin and boost blood circulation. This brings back freshness to your face right away. You should do this for at least 3-4 minutes before washing it off. After washing your face, you can follow it up with an intense massage of moisturizer. Then, spray on some rose water, and your face will appear like it’s rested, and alert. The exfoliation and massage, then hydration aid in the renewal of cells.

It’s like slapping your skin to get it ready for the day. When you’ve got time on the ready, make sure to go for some chemical peels or microdermabrasion treatments, to help the growth of your skin cells to reveal radiant, healthy and vibrant skin. The makeup you wear can’t cover a tired-looking face.

6. Dry, peeling and rough Cuticles:

Let’s face it, who has the time to go to the salon once a week for a manicure that is incredibly elaborate? If they’re long or short and the men in salons are constricting them more, it’s better to manicures at your home. But, do you notice that your cuticles are more dry than usual and are often peeling? This is not an ideal sight, as one cannot hide their hands, or at least, can they?

If you’re still applying hand creams, grab your hands on some cuticle softening oil , or Almond oil. And apply it to the cuticles as often as you can particularly in the evening. It’s not necessary to worry about getting your hands greasy as you’ll only require a small amount to keep your cuticles healthy and dry.

7. Lipstick on Teeth Are you going

out? Clothes? Check. Makeup? Check. Perfume? Check. Bag and shoes? Check check. Do you have lipstick is on your teeth? Absolutely not! What’s more embarrassing than seeing your favorite lip gloss (especially the darker shades) on your gums, and then making a face each when you’re speaking to anyone? I cannot think of anything more embarrassing currently.

I’ve heard of people putting Vaseline on their teeth to avoid staining lipstick but it isn’t appealing to me to be sincere. Try this trick After you’ve applied your lipstick, create an O shape using your mouth. Then, move your finger across your lips, ensuring that your lips are touching your finger. And then slide your finger away. If you have accumulated lipstick in the inner part of your lip, where possibilities of it smearing are very high and will remain on your finger. To help protect your lips it is possible to wipe your lipstick on tissue paper and apply a tiny amount of talc onto the tissue. You will not have to worry about lipstick staining when you smile or talk!

8. Broken Nail:

Have you ever suffered a break to the bottom of your nail bed that is too deep to cut off? When we develop our nails, breaking isn’t a good thing and that’s the case with nails that are long. They simply break. One nail that is short in the middle of the long ones can make you weep in despair. Be assured, ladies. I’ve tested and tried this method. Here’s the trick!

Clean the damaged nail using polish remover, then remove the tea bag and empty it of tea leaves. Cut a small rectangular section of the tea bag. Using nail glue (normal adhesive or fevi kwik will not work since it will disintegrate in water over time). Put the cut-out piece of tea bag to the damaged part. You could make use of a pair of tweezers in order to adhere the tea bag pieces on.

Once the nail glue is dry, rub the surface using a nail buffer to smooth it out and. Then apply the base coat. The nail is now ready to be coated with nail polish to be a match to the other nails. As time passes, the damaged part will heal and you won’t need to compromise cutting your nails. The tea bag is almost gone when it is glued to the nail and serves to keep the damaged part to keep it in place. It doesn’t get stuck in hair or clothing, etc.

9. The frizzy Forehead Hair:

They’re usually fresh hair and will not settle into the rest of your hair and may sabotage the overall look. Use a toothbrush that has been that has been spritzed with hairspray, and then comb through the fine flyaways in all of the hair. The result will be that neat and neat look you’ve always wanted to get.

10. Armpits that require freshening up:

Have you been doing your thing all day long or at work, and then you notice that your deodorant has started dissolving? Then spraying it again on your sweaty armpits that have lost their freshness isn’t the answer as it’s just like applying makeup to the face that has been soiled.

Take a little of the hand sanitizer you carry around in your purse and rub it on the armpits. The antibacterial properties of the soap will remove odour-producing bacteria from your pits. Then it is possible to apply fresh spray of deodorant. It’s guaranteed to keep you smelling like daisies!

11. The thick upper lip hair Are you aware of unintentional hair appearing on your lips? Do you are hesitant to wear lipstick, because you fear it’s going to highlight the fine hair on your lips?

12. A Large Pimple Growing on your nose pimples, zits, breakouts, and acne are all bothersome regardless of where they appear however it’s really uncomfortable and ugly to notice an enormous pimple growing in your nostrils, particularly in the event of an important occasion to be attending soon! Prior to your pimple developing to become a huge one, it’s best to keep it off your nose

We hope that these tips will help you get rid of some common issues with your beauty. They are quick and easy to implement. Therefore, put your worries aside since you’re now prepared to tackle every beauty issue you face. Get ready!


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